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UK Fiance Visa Application Tips: 8 Things to Know

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Your spouse can move to the UK after successfully applying for the visa. One of the partners must hold citizenship before calling another person to this country. The UK department of immigration has strict rules, and they check all the details of every candidate who wants his spouse to relocate.

Your application can be accepted if you do not make any mistakes. You must determine everything about this crucial visa to provide all the necessary documents and details. Getting a marriage visa in UK is easy if you know all the necessary information about it.

This write-up will teach you various tips to successfully apply for this visa and relocate with your to-be partner. You are required to prepare by arranging essential documents and other procedures to make this process quick and easy.

1. Your Partner Needs to be Permanently UK-Settled

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Before you are considering relocating to any UK state, your spouse needs to be the country’s citizen. As his fiancé, you can easily migrate with your spouse if he is a citizen already. It is mandatory to check and verify all the essential documents before proceeding with the application. Any failure while verification will lead to refusal by the immigration.

All your efforts will be wasted, and you cannot relocate with your to-be spouse. Some crucial documents you are required to verify are legal citizenship documents, permanent residence proof in the UK, refugee status, and settled status via the IRL route.

2. Legal Marriage

If you and your spouse are shifting to the UK as a couple, it is a must to marry legally. As per the immigration department, being involved in a civil partnership or legal marriage is mandatory if you live outside this country. The marriage process must be done perfectly to fulfill all the requirements.

You need to have all the partnership documents to be shared with the immigration department. You are required to complete all the formalities by submitting the essential documents to ensure the application is accepted. You must provide legal marriage proof for verification.

3. Perfect in the English Language

Even if anyone is applying for this visa for migrating to any province of the UK, one must be good at English. It is mandatory to have good knowledge of this language and must know how to speak and write.

You need to qualify for the test and submit the results as proof of having enough English knowledge. Ensure to give the CEFR A1 test of listening and speaking. It is also crucial to submit all your academic qualifications by NARIC of the UK. If you desire to minimize the processing time, then you must prefer the UK address in NARIC.

4. Must Acquire Annual Income of 19000 Pounds

Your combined annual income needs to be 19000 pounds. You must add this requirement to your list and apply for this visa if qualified. If you have children, then you must earn more income.

Before you plan or apply to relocate, you must check how much money you earn. If your spouse is getting a stipend or any academic maintenance grant, it will also be counted as income. You must check the exact number with or without taxes.

5. Do Interview Preparation and Go with Your Documents

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When you submit your application, you will be called for an interview. It is mandatory to take all the necessary documents to support the verification process. You must prepare for your interview so your case file will not have flaws.

If you prepare for your interview, it will be quite easy to answer different queries the department officials ask. They may ask you to show or submit documents, and you must provide them immediately. It gives a poor impression if you are spending minutes finding any document.

6. Show the Intent of Staying with Each Other

If you are willing to be a responsible and contributing UK citizen, you will immediately get attention. You need to show your serious side in your career and relationship. If you can show that side to the officials, it will be helpful to gain their trust.

You can prove the bond with your spouse by mentioning anyone who connects you strongly. It is quite better for you to have Whatsapp screenshots to help you get the claim. The perfect way of showing faith is to have a joint account in a bank. In any way, you must provide proof of long-term commitments.

7. Old Relations are Better

Your process for application will go smoothly if your relationship is old and good. As per the requirements of a fiancé visa, it is mandatory to have a relationship of two years in a couple. When you are in an old relationship with your partner, you will get more support for your case.

Having children will enhance the chances of getting a visa, and you can take your family to any place in the UK. You can show any media proof on your media accounts, like a family picture. You must prefer all your existing accounts to make your case strong.

8. Hire a Legal Consultant

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The application process of getting a fiancé visa is quite crucial, and you may require the expertise to resolve all your issues. Hiring a legal consultant who can guide you about this visa is quite better. The legal expert has all the updates regarding rules, documents, requirements, eligibility, etc.

You can involve a third person to get help regarding acquiring the visa without stress. The consultant provides help with interview preparation and other things. A consultant can enhance your chances of getting a visa.

If you desire to apply for this visa to relocate with your spouse, you must follow all the mentioned tips. You must gather all the details about the process, eligibility, and other requirements. If you do as per the rules of immigration, your file will clear, and you will relocate quickly. One can also get help from a consultant to make everything simple.