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2 Ways Tree Pruning Promotes Acceleration of Growth

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Regular maintenance and care of trees in your household is crucial if you want them to grow, be healthy and be a beautiful aesthetic addition. In addition to watering, fertilization and other tasks that are important for the proper care of trees, there is also tree pruning that is of great importance. Tree pruning promotes plant health and its optimal growth and development. Many people do not realize how important pruning is and they do not do it regularly, which over time adversely affects the trees in their yard. In the text below you can read more about the importance of tree cutting and the ways in which it promotes acceleration of growth.

Why is regular tree pruning important?

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Tree pruning brings many benefits to both the health and aesthetics of the tree. It is much more than cutting off limbs every once in a while. Annual tree cutting can ensure that trees grow continuously and prevent many diseases. Of course, it is necessary that this task is performed properly, because improper pruning or excessive pruning can lead to damage to plants and their death.

Just some of the reasons why you want to prune trees in your yard regularly are:

• you will improve the shape of the canopy and the overall appearance of the trees
• you will ensure that all diseased and dead parts of the plant are removed
• you will increase the production of flowers and fruits
• you will accelerate the growth of the plant

How does tree pruning promote acceleration of growth?

1. Tree pruning affects chemical processes in the root, stem and branches

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The entire growth and development of the tree is conditioned by chemical reactions in the root, stem and branches. All these processes are under the influence of plant hormones that are synthesized in one part of the tree, and then transferred to another where they manifest their action. The pruning process affects these chemicals and interrupts some chemical processes, thus directing plant growth. Therefore, with a certain way of pruning, we can influence which part of the plant will grow rapidly and further improve the shape of the crown and the overall appearance of the tree.

One of these metabolic pathways is the auxin-cytokine pathway. Basically, auxins stimulate the growth of roots and shoots and are produced in the tops of young, green shoots. Cytokines that are formed at the root contribute to the growth of lateral shoots and, when the tree is not pruned, through the process of apical dominance, the growth of the tree upwards dominates.

However, when the tops of the shoots are removed during the pruning process, the auxin-induced reaction is interrupted and the growth of the side shoots under the action of cytokines is stimulated. In this way, the canopy grows in width instead of height, which can be shaped in the desired way and achieve a better appearance of the tree.

Diseased and dead parts of the tree are removed and its growth is stimulated
Another way in which tree cutting accelerates the growth of the tree is to remove all diseased and dead parts of the tree that do not allow the plant to develop optimally. Removing these parts of the tree is one of the main reasons why pruning should be done regularly, as it prevents growth retardation or even permanent tree damage. Proper tree cutting accelerates the growth of the tree and its optimal development.

To achieve the best results, it is necessary to do the pruning job properly. If you cut green and young parts of the wood or if you remove dead parts in the wrong way, you cannot expect the desired results. Therefore, we suggest that you first educate yourself about tree pruning and ensure that you do this task in the best way.

If you feel that you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills and that you do not know how to do this task, we suggest contacting professionals. Nowadays, there are a great number of companies that offer various tree services, which also include tree cutting. Click here if you want to learn more about tree removal and tree cutting services in New York, Long Island. Professionals will ensure that the work is done in the shortest possible time and that it is done in the best possible way. The result? A healthy, beautiful tree that can continue to develop and grow continuously.

2. When is the best time for tree pruning?

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If you are wondering when is the best time for tree cutting you should know that there is no universal answer to this question. The best time for pruning depends on the specific type of plant and you need to first find out what types of trees you have in your household and when is the right time to prune for each one.

If we would like to generalize the answer, we can say that tree cutting is best done during the winter, because the plant tolerates this process much better and is less susceptible to further infections and injuries. After you cut your tree, with the arrival of spring and warmer weather, its growth is stimulated and it has recovered enough that it can now continue to grow unhindered. However, our recommendation is to consult with professionals before embarking on this endeavor and ensure that you are doing pruning at the best time for your tree.


Tree cutting brings with it many benefits for the plant and is one of the best ways to accelerate the growth of the plant, shape it in the desired way and improve its aesthetics.

The way in which tree pruning accelerates plant growth is by influencing the chemical processes in the tree and removing dead parts, thus preventing their adverse effects on other, green and young parts. If you are not sure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for this task, we suggest that you contact professionals and hire a company that will do tree cutting for you and ensure that your trees are healthy and can continue to grow continuously.