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9 Successful Tech Startups Launched by Students

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Contrary to popular belief, most tech founders started their companies in college. When you have limited resources and the drive to make your dream come true, you can do anything you put your mind to. Besides, inexperience should not limit you since it’s possible to learn on the job.

Launching a business while at college is an excellent start to a potentially successful business. Moreover, your friends and classmates would be the perfect customer base for products. Also, you have the choice to start your own venture or join your friend’s.

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To prove that it’s possible to launch a successful tech startup as a learner, here are examples of successful ventures started by students. These are a source of motivation and evidence that you can achieve your business goals.

1. Microsoft

Source: edition.cnn.com

Microsoft is the best example of a tech company launched by learners. In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Initially, Bill Gates was a student at Harvard University.

However, his expulsion two years after enrollment didn’t deter him from starting Microsoft. Now, it is a multi-billion-dollar company, well-known globally. Being in college should not hold you back from launching a company. Hire a paper writing service to handle assignments for you. That way, you can focus on building your business.

Some of Microsoft’s products include:

  • Video game consoles
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Applications for PCs

2. Google

Source: wired.com

Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has become one of the world’s largest tech companies. At the time, Larry and Sergey were at Stanford University, but that did not stop them from coming up with a brainchild that soon grew into a globally renowned company.

Although the two founders resigned in 2019, their contribution to Google is undisputed. Plus, the fact that they started Google while in college gives enough motivation to many students today.

3. Dell

You cannot speak of computer manufacturing without mentioning Dell Inc. The company is among the largest in the industry. The founder, Michael Dell (CEO to date), started his first company, ‘PC Limited,’ while at Texas University. However, after the company started making massive profits, he opted to focus on entrepreneurship.

Michael Dell is an excellent example since he showed that it’s possible to start a successful company and stay in school. After all, you can hire help as you focus on establishing and growing your business. Ultimately, you get two things out of it, a college degree and a successful company.

4. Facebook

Source: dunav.at

Today, almost everyone is on Facebook, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and some of his mates. In 2004, Mark and his friends developed ‘The Facebook,’ a prototype for the ‘Facebook’ that everyone knows today.

Harvard University students used the application, but the university filed a lawsuit against him (which he won). Today, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular communication applications. It brings together millions of people regardless of age and physical location.

Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg is among the youngest billionaires in history. So, if you want to make billions, follow his example and stay the course.

5. Napster

Source: insider.com

Shawn Fanning, a student at Northeastern University, came up with Napster, a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. This company primarily dealt with digital audio files. When it came about on 1st June 1999, Napster was one of the most commonly used P2P networks (although there weren’t many then).

Unfortunately, Napster ceased operations in July 2001 after a court injunction.

6. Echopoint Medical

Echopoint Medical began after a group of students from University College in London came together. They expressed concern about the inaccuracy of heart disease diagnosis and treatment.

2018 marked the beginning of Echopoint Medical, and the main points of concern were:

  • Providing cost-saving solutions for heart disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Ensuring accurate diagnoses
  • Preventing unnecessary operations

The funds raised in 2020 jump started a new technology, using optical sensing to assist cardiologists with diagnosis.

7. Perlego

Source: wework.com

Matthew Davis and Gauthier Van launched Perlego to offer reading materials to college students. After realizing they were not the only ones struggling to keep up with school book costs, they came up with Perlego.

Here are the solutions the website offers students in the UK and all over the world:

  • Provision of textbooks
  • Availability of novels
  • Provision of other academic reading materials

Students worldwide have access to all these reading materials on a subscription basis and at affordable costs. Perlego is proof that students don’t need huge amounts of money and expertise to begin and run a successful business.

8. Immerse

Today, technology allows students to come up with bigger and better ideas. Immerse is one example since it was born to help students learn English using virtual reality.

Immerse is a successful ed-tech company using VR headsets and avatars to help students learn and practice. In the United States, universities and colleges allow international students to join school programs. Unfortunately, English is not the first language for most of them, and Immerse is a great help, thus its popularity.

9. Insomnia Cookies

Source: 6abc.com

This business has an interesting name and an even better concept. Seth Berkowitch, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, loved sweet treats but never found a solution when he had cravings at night.

After all, no companies deliver cookies at night! So, he decided to bake cookies in his dorm room to sell to his colleagues. In no time, he got funding and launched a company to facilitate the delivery of cookies to students throughout the night.

Insomnia Cookies now has branches in most US states and is very popular among college students.


There are many more companies that started in dorm rooms by learners with a dream and zeal to make it happen. Although starting a successful business in college might seem daunting, it benefits young business owners.

Besides, you learn how to run and manage a company early. This ensures that when you’re done with college, your business acumen will equate to success!