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6 Styling Cardigan Tips To Help You Look Fashionable, Not Frumpy

Styling Cardigan

Cardigans are a must in anyone’s wardrobe, but if you don’t style them correctly, there’s no use in wearing them.

Fashion changes daily, and you need top-notch skills to upgrade your styling game.

From having the right clothes under the cardigan to comfortable and matching footwear, there are many things that you need to look into.

Being versatile knitwear and a perfect winter essential, you can layer it with different clothes and enhance your outfit.

In addition, you can find an online boutique for yourself that can help you with some of the best pieces of cardigans.

If you don’t have this piece in your wardrobe, this is your hint to include it as an essential.

Then, all you need to do is slip your arms around the warm sleeves of this winter wear and let yourself enjoy the cozy vibe it emits.

There are various kinds of cardigans, but the styling tips can work with each one of them.

1. Over Smart Business Formals

Smart Business Formals
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The cardigans can be short, long, and cropped, but all of them can be used over smart business formals.

The best gig will be if you consider including neutral shades for the business. For instance, you can invest in a brown or beige cardigan and team it with a fitted white buttoned shirt.

It will go best with a cardigan with a layered collar. If you don’t want to wear pants, you can opt for a fitted dress and use this as a layer over it.

You can invest in transparent heels to complete your look as a female. You can go for ballerinas or loafers if you are a flat person.

They are comfortable if you want to run around during the day and minimize your chances of getting hurt, foot swelling, pain, or shoe biting.

2. Pay Attention To The Arms’ Fit

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When you compare various kinds of cardigans available in the market, you need to see the type of fit they offer, especially across the arms.

You should prefer the ones that are skinnier around the components.

However, this advice might only work for some people who like to carry extra weight around their arms.

But, it should be considered at all costs.

Here is a tip for you. It would help if you considered getting a cardigan with shoulder seams on the shoulder area.

However, the popularity quotient is different as it will suggest you go for shoulder drops which are more of a millennial style.

Also, drops add to the bulk, which some people may only like.

3. Wearing Your Crops Inside

Wearing Your Crops Inside

If you are looking for occasions where you can make style statements with crop tops, here’s your way.

Cardigans are your savior when you want to flaunt your best skill with the help of your crop tops and high-waist jeans.

And to make it even more personalized you can add some enamel pins to your cardigan, it can be on the lapel or on the pocket, it will give your cardigan a unique touch and express your personality or interests.

You can go for any color that you like and create color blocks.

For example, if you have a pink crop top, investing in a pink cardigan or a color like purple or lavender, which belongs to the same family, will be the deal breaker.

However, the options are different if you want to reduce the supremacy of the pink pop.

4. Remember To Stick To Your Fit

Remember To Stick To Your Fit
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Cardigan styling can go down the hill if you need to stick to your fit.

It would help if you never took too tight or lost cardigans that can alter your appearance.

Also, it would be best if you stick to your size.

Cardigans are open from the front; finding the one that fits your body structure won’t be a problem.

You can search online and offline stores to find the perfect fit.

However, trials are necessary. You can return the products you don’t like, especially those that don’t fit well.

Slouchy cardigans are a thing, but they are more popular with the young crowd.

Therefore, you can consider it only if you are blessed with a good height and skinny.

Otherwise, these slouchy food items will only add to the weight, and your appearance will be bulky.

If you want to be specific about the material, you should know that the thin ribbed material cardigans are the best if you wish to the fitted ones.

5. Have A Look At What’s Trending

Have A Look At What’s Trending

Styling tips are always based on what’s trending in the fashion world. Fashion changes, and so do the things related to it.

The same case is related to the emergence of cardigans and vests. For a variety of options, explore the ladies’ vests collection at Mac Attack Gear.

The trends involve, and if you follow what’s trending right now, it will help you look less frumpy.

But, while following the directions, you should not forget the appropriateness of your body type.

The current trend belongs to the long cardigan coats, but there are better picks for people with shorter appearances.

Apart from the long ones, there are mid-thigh and short ones, which are great picks.

The styling tip is to team them with round tees or graphic tees. They create a pleasing juxtaposition with the help of a refined cardigan.

Also, your outfit will be outstanding when you invest in signature boots.

Also, you will be happy to know that short cardigans are returning to the market.

6. Be Careful With Slouchy Shoulders

Be Careful With Slouchy Shoulders

Consider including it in your wardrobe for its cuteness, but it should not be oversized. If you are going for a slouchy fit, you need fitted clothes beneath it.

Also, while investing in cardigans, you should pay attention to the rearview.

They are enjoying the hype for now, but you need to cater to the fact that they can go out of fashion.

Also, the front look can be pleasing, but the back can look bad. Finally, it can be of the ideal length but still needs to present the look you want.

So, carefulness and far-sightedness are significant aspects of the same.


Cardigans are a fantastic piece of clothing that is available for different seasons.

You can consider having one in your wardrobe, but there are some things that you should think about.

These styling tips will help you make better decisions regarding your cardigan shopping.

Here’s hoping you get the cardigan that fits your preference the most.