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The Reigning Queens and Kings of OnlyFans: Top 5 Models You Should Follow in 2024

The Reigning Queens and Kings of OnlyFans - Top 5 Models You Should Follow in 2024
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The list of the fastest-growing platforms would not be complete without OnlyFans, there is no doubt about it. That goes both for content creators and consumers. If you check the research on this subject, you will see that the number of content creators has surpassed 1 million. So, you can see that the consumers have the opportunity to choose between a high number of options. Of course, finding what you prefer is not easy with this many possibilities.

The key to OnlyFans’ success is the availability. Think about it: the adult industry has been producing content for decades. But today, consumers can get a much more personal approach. They can seek the options they like, which allows them to save time by not needing to go through what they don’t prefer. It is as easy as that. Not to mention that many adult industry actresses endorsed the platform and even made an account.

On the other side, content creators can do whatever they please. They only think of an idea to attract consumers and produce the content. While it may seem like generating all sorts of content will not make any difference, this is not the case. Some will always stand out from the crowd; it is inevitable. Today, we want to address the top five models you should follow and support in 2024. Buckle up, and let us begin.

1. Lana Monroe

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If you are a guy who enjoys curves, then Lara Monroe is the right model for you to follow. She has thousands of images where she shows her attributes. You will find over a hundred photos and roughly 70 videos on her account. Another major factor attracting followers to her account is her frequent broadcasts. Not to mention that she tends to be quite explicit in those streams.

Above all, she loves to engage with her followers often. She does not hesitate to communicate with her followers, and it is quite often for her to create something personalized. Thankfully, her fans can communicate with her freely without any constraints. Therefore, everyone interested has the opportunity to ask her to create the content of your liking. For all those reasons, we believe she is the best one you should follow.

2. Mia Thorne

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At first glance, Mia Thorne probably looks like an average neighborhood girl. But when you start watching videos and images she releases, you will see this story is completely different. She presents herself with confidence, and this is one of the main qualities she manifests. So, if you are interested only in average onlyfans nude images, this is not the model for you. You are about to witness something completely different.

She streams frequently, and we would say this is her main quality. In fact, if you see how many people follow her streams, you will see this is much higher than those who enjoy other sorts of content. Even though she is still relatively new to the platform, she took it by storm. She should definitely be on your “to follow” list on this platform for all those reasons.

3. Blac Chyna

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Angela Renee White, better known as Blac Chyna, is another exceptional model for you to follow. Chances are that you have heard about her long before she became an Onlyfans model. The reason is simple: she was in a relationship with many famous males, like Rob Kardashian and Tyga. When it comes to what she creates and shares on this platform, we are talking about something rather specific.

You will find many videos and photos where she focuses on foot fetish. Another interesting thing is that she started setting up a high fee for her content. Over time, she lowered it to attract more followers. Today, she has around 20 thousand followers. She is easily among the top earners on the platform as well. According to the data available to the public, she earns $20 million per month, which is nothing short of exceptional.

4. Rebeca Vega

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Rebeca Vega is a Latina who fulfills the dreams of so many men worldwide. Sometimes, it looks like she knows exactly what males want to see, and she delivers. Now, seriously, her content is hot and extremely explicit. She enjoys performing all sorts of fetishes and kinks. Since this content requires paying a higher fee to enjoy, you will immediately understand this is not an average account.

Rebeca Vega is probably among the most popular models for private streaming. What does this mean? It means that she records videos specifically for the audience that wants to see them in private and will not be shared with anyone else on the platform. While subscribing to her account will not cost you much monthly, you must be ready to pay a much higher price for private content.

5. Luna Ventura

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Lastly, we want to talk about Luna Ventura. She is among the most interesting models to follow for several reasons. For instance, you will see she is pretty versatile in content creation. She does both, let us say, intentional content and content where she appears in public areas such as beaches. Many people see the versatility of her content, which immediately attracts them. Many do not know that she is a veteran on the platform.

Regarding the content, you will see she has more than eight hundred photos and videos you can check out. Besides all these images and videos, her fans can ask for more personalized content. Sure, you will notice that many models do this, but what separates Luna and others is that the content is of the highest possible quality, regardless of what point you look from. Plus, she offers discounts on her account to the most loyal fans.


Knowing who to follow on OnlyFans will save you much time. We’ve already said there are countless possibilities on this platform. That is why we provided a list of the top five models you should follow on OnlyFans. We are certain you will find this list interesting.