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How Can Online Re-Scheduling Help You Grow Your Dental Practice?

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Dentists still have reservations about resorting to online scheduling because it makes them feel like they don’t have control over the schedule. However, when patient care and improving the overall efficiency of your practice is in your mind, the last thing you want to worry about are administrative and operational tasks. And you don’t need to worry about any of that if you have the right software at your disposal. On that note, here’s outlining how online scheduling using software can help your dental practice.

The Affordability Factor

In order to better manage your schedule, you might have thought of outsourcing the responsibility to another company. Maybe you are planning to create a position just to handle the daily scheduling task. Both of these are expensive options when you consider all the costs of onboard, training, and more.

But you can easily opt for dental software like the one offered by Tab32 to deal with this job efficiently. It will automate your appointments and handle all the other administrative responsibilities without the need for monthly investments. Thus, you can use the money in better pursuits, such as helping your practice grow.

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Establishing a Communication Network

Of course, your scheduling software is not going to call up your patients and ask them if they are okay. But it will handle a major part of the communication on behalf of your staff. For example, your staff only gets a name and a contact number when the patients call. With the software interface, you can ask patients for additional information, such as reasons for the visit, email ID, and birthdate.

You can use all this information to stay in touch with your patients. For instance, maybe you have an upcoming free dental check-up drive nearby. Inform them through their email ID and ask them to join.

Evenly Scheduling your Practice

As a dental practice, you neither want to be overbooked nor under-booked. You don’t want to be so busy that you rush through patients. At the same time, you don’t see empty chairs at the clinic. Also, it does not reflect too well on your reputation.

When you resort to online scheduling through software, it books you just right. Your schedule is full and each patient gets an appropriate amount of time with the doctor. Your patients would appreciate this aspect of their experience, which will inspire their loyalty towards your practice.

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Reduce Errors in Scheduling Appointments

If your schedule is completely managed manually by your staff, chances are that there have been a few mistakes here and there. Have they ever double-booked patients for one time slot? Have they forgotten to enter the appointment details in your schedule? The result of all such mistakes is a frustrated patient – probably looking for appointments at some other clinic!

You can eliminate this problem by letting a software interface deal with the scheduling.

You can be assured that there will be no wrong entries or double booking to irk the patients.

Keeping Cancellations at a Minimum

Last-minute cancellations and no-shows can impact your revenue in a big way. And sometimes, all a patient needs is a gentle reminder about the appointment on their phone. Maybe the upcoming appointment has simply slipped their mind, and your automated text message can remind them about it.

In case of last-minute cancellations, you can trust your chosen software to try and fill up that space with other patients who are seeking an appointment.

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Automated Reminders

Most automated appointment reminder services will also offer online appointment scheduling. This means that you can send out automatic reminders for upcoming appointments, and patients can go online to schedule or cancel their own appointments.

This can save you a lot of time in having to make phone calls or manually send out reminders. In addition, it can help reduce the number of no-shows, as patients are more likely to remember their appointments if they have received a reminder.

Online Forms

Another way that online appointment scheduling can help your practice is by allowing you to collect patient information online. This can include anything from contact information to medical histories. This readily available information can save time during appointments and ensure you have all the information you need to provide the best possible care for your patients.

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One of the most significant advantages of online appointment scheduling is that it offers a degree of flexibility that is impossible with traditional scheduling methods. Patients can schedule or cancel appointments at any time, day or night. This can significantly benefit those who have busy schedules or need to make last-minute changes. In addition, online scheduling can allow you to offer appointments outside of normal business hours, which can benefit both you and your patients.

Real-Time Availability

A significant advantage of online appointment scheduling is that it offers real-time availability. This means you can see which appointment times are available and schedule appointments accordingly. This can be a huge time saver, as you will not have to waste time calling around or checking different schedules. In addition, it can help ensure that you can accommodate your patients’ schedules.

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Follow-Ups Made Easy

The key to a successful dental practice is keeping your patients coming back. That’s why following up with patients after their appointments is so important. But sometimes, life gets in the way, and patients can’t make it back for their follow-up appointment. That’s where online re-scheduling comes in.

By offering online rescheduling to your patients, you’re making it easy for them to reschedule their appointments when needed. And that means they’re more likely actually to come back for their follow-up appointment. Not to mention, it’s one less thing you and your staff have to worry about.

The Bottom Line

The dental industry is fiercely competitive, and every dentist is looking for an edge to grow their practice. Online rescheduling is a feature that can give your dental practice a boost by making it easier for patients to keep their appointments and track their oral health progress.