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6 Signs Your Online Bookmaker is Legal

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If you are new in the betting online world or you simply have trouble finding reliable and legal online bookmaker websites, we understand your concern. Even though it can be a very challenging task to establish which online bookmaker is worth your trust and it will protect you from any fraud or scams, there are actually some signs that can help you. 

1. How do legal online bookmakers treat their users

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In general, any genuine and legal online bookmaker will never allow making any action that will cause users to leave. More precisely, they exist thanks to their bettors, so they will do everything they can to keep them on their online platforms. That means they are putting a big effort to improve their customers’ experiences as well as the quality of their work. They are investing a lot in customer service performances because they want to provide everything their users need and to make them satisfied. 

So, any other time you are wondering whether some online bookmaker is legal, you should remember this. Logically, all bookmakers are trying very hard to attract new bettors and to keep regular ones in order to create their loyal customers. So, they are achieving this goal with various promotions, bonuses, customer service, and constantly providing them with innovations. However, this does not cross the line of the term “this is too good to be true”.

We hope we help you understand the policy of any reliable, credible, and legal online bookmaker in short. However, there are some more precise signs you can check and establish whether you are collaborating with the legal online bookmaker. Let’s see them.

2. The legal online bookmaker has the license

Every professional online sports betting site is having a proper and legal license. So, this is the simplest way to establish whether the online bookmaker is legal – check their website and see whether they have the license. On the website of certain online bookmakers, you will see the statement about who they get the license from and the specific license number will be included as well. So, if there is available the option to click on that number for more details, that means they have a valid license.  If they do not have it, their activity is illegal and you will put yourself and your invested money at a big risk in that case.

Bookmakers need to go through special procedures in order to get a license and the gambling commission is authorized for that. If an online bookmaker has the license, you and your account will be protected from any fraud or scam. That means you can enjoy gambling activities without worrying that you are not safe and secured and that your invested money is jeopardized. Despite the license, every legal bookmaker needs to have the sector with regulations called terms and conditions. More precisely, there are betting rules every player needs to be familiar with. 

3. Online legal bookmakers have a high-quality design of their Websites

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When you enter the website of some online sports betting platform, you should pay attention to the design of their website. Every reputable and professional has enough money to hire expert designers so they can create a functional, fast website with a unique and attractive style. It needs to be optimized for all devices as well including laptops, mobile devices, and desktop computers. So, if you are experiencing some trouble with the loading, responding, or functioning of the page, you should avoid it. This is a clear sign that this is not made by professionals. Just keep in mind that there is no bookmaker that will allow these issues with the operations of their site. 

4. The online bookmaker is giving common and legal bonuses

If you are a beginner and new in the world of online betting, you should know one important thing – a common strategy that all illegal bookmakers use to scam players is giving them bonuses that look too good to be true. More precisely, they are giving them all kinds of promotions, various bonuses in order to attract them. For instance, if you see some unrealistic sign-up welcome bonus, you should not sign-up there; instead, you should avoid that site. Also, bonuses with no rollover are not realistic. Logically, all bookmakers provide some bonuses to their users, but they are limited and they are realistic.

5. The legal online bookmakers allow you to transfer your money

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One more interesting fact you should know is that all legal bookmakers will allow you to transfer money from your account to some other bookmaker and that practice is called book-to-book transfer. More precisely, the common practice of all bookmakers is to collaborate with each other and share mutual support. If the online bookmaker you decided on does not use this practice, that means the other bookmakers do not want to associate with that one. The reasons for this can be some fraud, untrusted behavior, or they are bankruptcy. So, bookmakers protect themselves on time when it comes to unreliable and illegal bookmakers. In short, if you see that this option is not available to you, the only thing you need to do is leave that online betting platform and find the reliable and legal one. In that way, you do not have to worry about your betting activity.

6. Legal online bookmakers provide to the player an easy verification process

If you notice that the verification process on some online betting platform takes too long or you notice some strange things, you should be precautious. You should be familiar with one more trick that illegal and fraudulent bookmakers use – they delay or avoid the process of paying money to their users. More precisely, they claim that they did not receive the necessary verification information about you. They will try to slow down the process, so they will ask you to enter some personal information multiple times. This can go even to the point that they ask for personal information to be sent through the mail instead of uploading them digitally. In the end, these illegal bookmakers do not pay money to the users.

But, What If I Can’t Access a Legal Betting Site?

Well, this can happen as well. Some legal casinos simply do not offer their services to particular markets (read: countries). Because of that, you may struggle to enter some of the websites that are completely legal and offer a wide range of amazing bonuses. If that’s the problem, you may want to visit this site after reading this article. There are a couple of solutions you can do (VPN may seem legit, but it is not the safest option).