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7 Effective Methods For Boosting Your Car’s Engine Power

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Driving an old car has both perks and benefits, but when it comes to engine power, everyone can use some enhancing, so it will go faster.

We know that not everyone is able to buy a new car, or completely remove the old engine and replace it with a new one, but some professionals can help you boost the current performance, so you can enjoy your fast and long drives all around.

Maybe there is no chance for a miracle, but surely a good mechanic expert can help you boost the machine and improve your driving experience.

What you want to do to your car is also known as tuning, and depending on the model, there are different ways how to do that. The cost of the whole improvement also depends on that, but also on the type of fuel your car is using. You can learn more about this on seletron.com and see what you can do to improve the engine power.

Keep in mind that every car comes with some limitations, and you can’t do anything that comes to your mind. You must accept the options you have and stick to them. Every other action you take can be harmful to the engine, and you may end up damaging it completely, instead of boosting the overall performance.

So, after you are sure you can do something to your car so it can be faster, here are some of our suggestions on how to enhance the engine power with a few simple things:

1. Implement a cold air intake

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This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the vehicle’s performance. The system helps the air to become cooler than it is, and when mixed with the fuel, it releases more power.

That means your car will get more energy to run faster than usual. That air gets into the cylinder of the engine and makes it more powerful.

Also, you can’t expect some huge difference, but surely you will feel it as you drive. The cold air is denser than the hot one, and it mixes better with the fuel, to create power.

Or, with other words said, your car is able to easily “breathe”, and improve the engine’s potential with that.

2. Use force induction system

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This means you will have to install a supercharger to the engine, so it can add more horsepower. According to those who already use a solution like this, the power is increasing around 50% more than before.

Also, it helps with “inhaling” more air to the engine, which, as we said, is mixing together with the fuel, and lets the car perform better. There is also a turbocharger, that can use the gases in the engine to generate more power.

That means even the residue is used to improve the speed. There are many benefits, but you will also have to think about additional cooling because as you suppose, that action of burning fuel is increasing the heat inside the motor. It may work differently, depending on the vehicle you own.

3. Water injection

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This is not that common or popular choice, but it can be helpful to reduce the carbon residue in the motor, so you can improve the performance without investing a lot of money. If you combine it with a supercharger, you will see more benefits.

4. Use quality fuel

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Cheap fuel is not always the best option for your vehicle. Once you decide to buy a car and use it regularly, you have to be ready for all those expenses that come with it. That means you will have to use quality fuel, so you can be sure you get the most of the engine.

If you use poor-quality gas, you won’t ruin your vehicle, but you also won’t use the maximum power the engine can provide. So, don’t save on gas and fuel. The residue can affect the way the motor works, making it slower and less powerful. That’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t get satisfied with the average when it comes to your car.

5. Keep it always clean and well-maintained

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If the engine is full of fuel residue and the draining power is limited, it can become slower. Keeping it clean and tidy will ensure better performance all the time, releasing the maximum potential of the motor.

6. Reduce the weight


If you have plenty of things in your luggage space, extra seats, and other things that add on the weight, but you don’t really use them – just get rid of them. A lighter vehicle will always perform better. Some people tune up their cars by using lightweight materials for the windows, bumpers, and brakes.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it will make a lot of difference. Our suggestion is to keep the car to the minimum weight needed.

Also, it’s not possible to do that when you use it for the whole family, but sometimes you can really check on the trunk and backseats, and see if there is anything that adds on the weight unnecessarily.

7. Replace the engine with a better one

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This is something you can do when your car is old enough for these types of activities. Instead of making smaller modifications, you can consider replacing the whole machine with a more powerful motor. This will help you increase the horsepower.

The only challenging thing is to find a mechanic who will do that for you since sometimes other modifications should be done, so the car can “accept” the new motor.

It’s better to use the same brand, and a similar engine, so you won’t risk other damages. Also, some improvements and adjustments may be required, but after that, you will have a more powerful car than ever.

As you can see, it’s absolutely possible to boost the vehicle’s performance. Our suggestion is to always do that with professionals who know what they are doing. Avoid trying to enhance the motor by yourself, especially if you are not experienced in that.