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The Ultimate Advice for Keeping Home Kitchen Clean All The Time

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The kitchen is where we tend to prepare food, cook dishes, and serve up masterpieces just in time for dinner. This place is one of the most essential areas in the home to keep clean as it deals with the health and nutrition of the entire family.

But what happens if the place where all these nutritional needs are made is contaminated with bacteria and germs that arise because of a dirty kitchen?

You definitely don’t want that to happen! You can avoid this as you should strive to always keep the kitchen clean so that it doesn’t become a breeding place for germs and bacteria to grow.

Cleaning the kitchen might not be the easiest house chore activity to do. This is because cleaning the kitchen is not only about cleaning the area but also cleaning all the equipment such as the cutlery and cooking utensils.

Even though it is not easy, cleaning the kitchen is an important activity to do. In this article, we will discuss how to clean the kitchen properly and effectively.

How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen?

Wash the piled-up dishes

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Cleaning dishes is not a difficult job, and if you wash your dishes and utensils right away after your meal, it won’t require you a lot of time. Thus why sometimes this chore is underestimated by many people. If you postpone washing your dishes, they can pile up.

What you don’t realize is that the leftover food on dirty dishes that accumulate is the source of all bacteria and germs growing. Therefore it is important for you to always wash the dirty dishes in the sink immediately. The best way to wash dishes is to do it right away after you finish eating.

Postponing things can also make you feel lazier by the minute. The dish that at first is only a couple, might be growing into a huge pile before you realize it. Thus, to ensure that it does not seem many, it is better to clean it before it grows.

Regularly take out the trash

It is undeniable that garbage and trash can are the best place for germs and bacteria to breed. To ensure that all family members are protected from germs and bacteria that can interfere with our health, it is a must to throw out the garbage that is in the house daily.

To make this process easier, you can line the inside of the trash can with plastic to make it easier for you every time you want to take out the trash.

Clean the kitchen sink

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You may think that the sink in your house looks clean, but did you know that a sink that looks clean actually might be the place for germs and bacteria to develop?

Because of these clean-looking conditions, we sometimes become careless and thus do not clean it as often as we should. We don’t realize that the sink in which we put all our dishes is actually one of the dirtiest parts of the kitchen and is the ideal gateway for germs and bacteria to contaminate the body.

To avoid unwanted things from happening, it is important to always clean the sink regularly even when your sink looks clean. Remember, nothing can guarantee that a sink which looks clean is free from germs and bacteria!

Clean the stove

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Stoves are cooking utensils that are used with the highest intensity in the kitchen compared to other home appliances and equipment.

Because of the high intensity of usage, it is also not surprising that the stove is often becoming very dirty, even though this tool is the most important tool for the cooking process.

You certainly don’t want a dirty stove to become the cause of germs and bacteria that contaminate your food. Therefore it is important for you to always wipe the stove after usage so that it is always clean from any food splashes and splatter.

Clean the kitchen from top to bottom

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An effective way to clean a kitchen is to start from the top down, this is so that dirt does not fall and contaminate the parts that have been cleaned again. Doing this strategy will make cleaning more effective and efficient.

You should also use dish soap mixed with water so that the precipitated oil can be easily removed. Don’t forget to also spray some disinfectant into the kitchen counter and let it sit for a minute before wiping it.

Clean right away after cooking

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To make sure that the kitchen always looks spotlessly clean, you should always clean after you cook. Never leave any mess behind you, because if you leave it unclean, it will start emanating bad smells to roam the house.

Cooking activities will certainly cause stains, such as oil and food splashes. Food splashes that are left behind for too long can make them harder to clean. Thus, it might require more energy from you to clean it all. So that the stains don’t stick and become crusty, make sure you wipe the surface of the table and walls after cooking with a cleaning liquid.

Why is it important to clean the kitchen regularly?

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A dirty kitchen will certainly become the best breeding place for harmful germs and bacteria. If left for too long, this certainly will have a bad impact on its residents. This can also be the favorite nest for small insects such as fruit flies.

Apart from making the kitchen look dirty, this insect often becomes a bridge for various germs.  Especially if they land on food, the risk of getting digestive disorders will certainly be greater!

To conclude, besides giving an uncomfortable impression, a dirty kitchen can also be the ultimate place that causes illnesses among the family members. A kitchen that is frequently cleaned will look beautiful, neater, and definitely more hygienic and safe for the health of you and all the family members who reside at the home. Bacteria and germs that can contaminate food will not easily nest in the kitchen and infect your cooking utensils.

Remember, a healthy family starts from a healthy kitchen!