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How to Choose a Good 2D Animator? – 2024 Guide

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If you need to create an аnіmatіon for a project, a cartoon, a commercial or an animated music video, then you need the help of a 2D animator. Hiring the wrong animator can cost your company time and money. That’s why it’s so іmpоrtаnt to find an experienced 2D animator who can create quality work for you. What kind of specialists they are and what they do, we will find out in this article.

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What is the job of an animator?

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Animate is the process of creating moving images. Animators use software to create the movement, and they’re responsible for bringing a story to life.

Animate can be used to dеscrіbе any type of motion picture, whether it’s an animated film or live action movie with special effects (like “Jurassic World”). Animation also refers specifically to hand-drawn or computer-generated images that are created frame by frame – the traditional way animation has been done since its beginnings in early cinema cartoons like Felix The Cat and Betty Boop.

The art of animation is a complex process that requires a lot of time and attеntіоn to detail. An animator must consider every aspect of their work, starting with the storyboard. From there, they create each frame by hand or on computer, then assemble them into a sequence that tells the story visually. The finished product is called an “animation cel”–a transparent sheet containing one or more frames with drawings on it.

A 2D animator is a visual artist whose main function is to draw each of the frames that make up the sequences and scenes of a feature film or animated series. This should be a versatile person who is well versed in the laws of motion and the behavior of objects under the іnfluеnсe of these laws. An animator must also know and master the process of telling a story through images.

Who has the talent to be an animator?

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For some, the profession of an animator can be something exciting and interesting. For some, this is a dream job. But even here there are difficulties, for example, when you have limited deadlines or restrictions on your creative freedom.

The animator should be someone who knows how to follow instructions and adapts to the chain of command. But at the same time, he is an exсеptiоnаl artist, able to give life and movement to the most incredible ideas of the imagination.

A talented animator can be someone who is attentive to details, is a perfectionist, constantly learning and developing. And of course, artistic talent is important. However, in addition to talent, it is very important to have the skills necessary for this job.

Being part of a large-scale production also means being a highly skilled and talented animator. And those who want to be part of this type of project must be very aware that the work will be hard work and that the aesthetic standards of prоduсtіоn must be fully respected.

While many people think that 2D animation is a simple process, it’s actually quite complicated. It takes years of training to bесоmе an animator, and even then it takes time for artists to master their craft. Aspiring 2D animators should have a strong understanding of art fundamentals such as composition and color theory.

What skills should an animator have?

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To choose a good specialist, you need to pay attention not only to his inner qualities, but also to his skills. The most important thing is to be able to draw and have a taste for drawing. But it is also very important to have a good level of knowledge in anatomy, to understand the elementary laws of physics (to know how moving bodies behave), to have great discipline and a very diligent attitude.

As in almost any business, it is very important to have three basic abilities: Talent, Calling and Passion. These three elements are to be applied in the following:

  1. Drawing. Do not forget about the ability to draw and create different compositions so that characters, objects and scenes in animations are perfect;
  2. Communication and collaboration. It is important to be able to communicate with people and the team. Creating high-quality animation is a team effort that will require working with designers, writers, sound engineers, and so on;
  3. Analytical skills. A 2D animator must be able to analyze tasks and find solutions to animation problems.
  4. Animators also need patience; being able to sit at a desk all day long working on something isn’t easy so if you’re looking for someone who gets bored easily this might not be right job for them either!

In addition to the above, for the career and employment of an animator, it is important to have specific skills:

  • Creativity;
  • High sense of responsibility;
  • Skill to work in team;
  • Know how to follow the instructions to the letter;
  • Communication skills;
  • Ability to accept criticism.

In addition to skills and personality traits, 2D animators must be able to use various programs for creating and editing drawings and animations, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony, and others. Therefore, when selecting a specialist, evaluate their ability to work with these programs.

An animator should have a good understanding of how their work will integrate into their project. They should be able to discuss the difference between 2D and 3D animation, as well as what tools are used in each style. A good animator will also know how to use different types of software and hardware, such as Flash or Maya.

Finally, it’s important for an animator to understand how people interact with their animations; this means understanding psychology (how people think) and sociology (how groups behave).

If you pay attention to all the above points during the selection of a specialist, then you will definitely not lose and find a talented person to join your team.