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How Rare Are Canary Yellow Diamonds?

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The most prevalent type of colored diamond is the canary diamond. The diamond has become extremely popular among rare colored diamonds—only 1 carat out of every 10,000 carats produced is a natural fancy color diamond—due to its stunning brightness and reasonably inexpensive cost. Most people think of them as the most common diamond color.

Unfortunately, despite their well-deserved fame and demand, most jewelers are ignorant of these stunning stones. In order to provide you with all the knowledge you’ll require before you begin looking for a yellow diamond, we’ve attempted to compile all the facts on yellow diamonds in this article.

What are Canary Diamonds?

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The most precious and in-demand variety of yellow diamonds are canary diamonds.

Instead of a dull or light yellow tinge that may be seen negatively in diamonds, these diamonds display a deep, vivid yellow hue similar to that of the canary bird.

According to the GIA, canary diamonds are essentially fancy yellow diamonds that range in color intensity from fancy intense to fancy vivid. Canary is a colloquial word, not an official one, for canary diamonds with a pure yellow tint. Given their rarity and beauty, Canary Diamonds are more expensive and have a higher resale value than the majority of other yellow diamonds.

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Canary Yellow Diamonds: How Much Do They Cost?

Diamonds are precious and frequently costly. Even if you purchase a diamond engagement ring for your fiancé out of pure love for her, you can be sure that you have made a wise investment because diamonds are regarded as one of the best investments you could ever make.

Canary diamonds are expensive, and this is because they are a rare variety of diamonds.

The rarer a gem is, the more expensive it is. But this isn’t the case only for canary diamonds. The most excellent part about this canary diamond is that it is less expensive when compared to other naturally colored diamonds, even if all naturally colored diamonds are uncommon and pricey.

These rare and lovely l diamonds have been used in many magnificent engagement rings due to their rarity and beauty. Every woman desires her ideal ring, and many desire their rings. Because they are distinctive, these stunning yellow-colored engagement rings are more alluring than traditional colorless ones. Due to their abundance in nature, fancy canaries may be found for very modest prices, yet, they are still more expensive when mounted on a stunning engagement ring.

Origin of Canary Diamonds

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If the term “common” can describe an occurrence that occurs maybe once every thousand gems, brown and yellow diamonds are the most prevalent colors. For a pure, clear hue to show through as the crystals cool deep under the earth, the atoms must line themselves in specific ways, which is why nitrogen is responsible for the additional coloration of the diamonds.

Since most yellow diamonds have traces of other colors, including green, pure yellow diamonds are relatively uncommon, valuable, and attractive. Bright yellow diamonds are also called Canary, Cape, or Zimmy diamonds. The best yellow diamond ring would have a rich, deep yellow color with perhaps a hint of orange. Because yellow diamonds are much rarer than colorless diamonds of the same weight and clarity, they can be much more expensive. This makes yellow diamond jewelry a unique and beautiful item of jewelry.

Are Yellow Diamonds Rare?

According to the degree of color purity, white diamonds are rated from D to Z. They start to turn yellow owing to flaws and lose value as they get closer to Z. Natural diamonds can have a deep, rich hue and a sublime beauty after they are entirely outside of this spectrum. The term “fancy colored” refers to these diamonds.

A tiny portion of diamonds that are mined has a natural, deep hue. The majority of these are yellow. Consequently, even though natural yellow diamonds are still somewhat rare, they are significantly more common than other fancy-colored diamonds on the market.

What Qualifies a Yellow Diamond as a Real Diamond?

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The jewelry industry has noticed an increase in fake canary diamonds being offered under the canary diamond label as yellow diamonds become more and more popular with jewelry buyers. These can range from yellow diamonds that have undergone artificial color enhancement or have been cultivated in a lab to cubic zirconia and other naturally occurring gems like citrine.

Canary diamonds share the same optical characteristics of light refraction and dispersion that make colorless diamond jewelry so classic because they are just as genuine as colorless diamonds. Yellow diamonds will sparkle and exhibit stunning rainbow color flashes unique to this stone’s color. Check out some of our simple at-home tests to verify the authenticity of your canary diamond if you’re not sure if it’s the real deal.

Even so, a gemologist’s expert evaluation is the only way to be assured that your canary diamond is authentic. Most diamonds you purchase from a store should already have this done. A certificate that identifies the grade, any distinguishing qualities, and any recognized treatments are typically included with them. Particularly for fancy colored diamonds, including yellow ones, this last point is crucial.

Low-quality colorless diamonds that have undergone a procedure of severe heat, often in conjunction with other elements like additional pressure and mild irradiation, typically result in artificially colored canary diamonds. This results in a stunning, warm yellow hue that shouldn’t deteriorate or change over time and blends almost perfectly with a natural yellow diamond. Any color modifications must be openly and acknowledged because a naturally colored diamond will always be more valuable than one that has been treated.


These golden jewels make excellent choices for everyday use in the shape of a canary diamond engagement ring, thanks to their distinctive shine and toughness. As engagement rings, they are stunning because they combine the lengthy heritage of a diamond with the distinctive, assured appearance of a sunny yellow stone.