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How Long Does It Take To Get a Toned Butt?

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Having an attractive body shape is one of the exciting trends followed by women. Every woman wants a body shape such as height, weight, and breast size to a more attractive butt shape. This is one of the factors that can increase self-confidence for every woman.

Getting attractive buttocks, ideally in a rounder and firmer shape, applying exercises and taking butt enlargement pills is one of the best ways to get the desired results. After successfully obtaining a big and toned buttock, a debate occurs, where there are those who prefer a big butt and some who prefer a tight butt.

How long does it take to get a toned and big butt? Here’s an in-depth review of that.

Toned Butt vs Bigger Butt

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The method of shaping the buttocks that are more proportional can be divided into two types, where a person trains the buttocks to be bigger and forms firmer buttocks. The two formation processes are generally the same in application but will differ according to what each person wants.

Someone trying to form bigger buttocks is to increase the production of muscles in the lower part. You can do various exercises by applying methods that lead to the formation of buttocks muscles, often called myofibrillar hypertrophy.

While forming firmer buttocks is an advanced process after getting big buttocks muscles, you can continue to exercise with different methods if you want to have toned buttocks.

But some want a firm and big buttocks shape, so the application of the method is also different, and the results are also relatively long because they have to follow certain stages. Read more here

All efforts in forming more ideal buttocks can be made with various training methods. Of course, if you attend training with a mentor, you will be directed to perform specific movements that must be done regularly. In addition to training with particular movement methods, you can also take buttocks enlargement pills which, of course, you can get at drugstores recommended by your training mentor.

How Long Will It Take?

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The results that will be obtained from the training process are not instant. You must have a stable desire and consistency in carrying out the process. If you want to get maximum results, you must have a strong spirit that will impact the time you exercise and your commitment to completing the process.

You were doing exercises and balancing by managing healthier habits and taking buttocks enlargement pills are often used in the process. You can’t just move without being balanced by taking drugs that can help you produce the butt muscle tissue you want.

Doing exercises with this movement is also not as easy as you think. You have to do the activities correctly. Your success in applying the practices will be felt if the exercises are done correctly. Even if you can get the results three to 5 times, you will feel muscle changes in your buttocks.

But for maximum results, you have to train it regularly for six weeks, after that, you will have big and toned buttocks, and the results are more sturdy and permanent. However, you still have to do other simple movements to avoid losing the muscle.

Buttocks muscles play a critical role in helping you become more confident. Every step you take must be balanced by consuming buttock enlargement drugs to help build muscle tissue from the calories in your body, and you should also eat healthy foods that can help build a bigger body. Maximum.

The Best Exercises for a Toned Butt

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Several exercise methods you can do in forming big and firm buttocks, where you have to produce muscle tissue that can be directed to the buttocks for formation. You can do various types of exercises as follows:


You can do this movement by following these instructions,
1. Make a straight and standing position and open your legs to waist size.
2. Then spread your arms and bend toward your knees to form a squat position.
3. After that, you must ensure that your thighs can parallel the mat or the floor you use in the exercise.
4. Make sure your feet and eyes stay focused straight ahead.
5. Repeat this movement 8 to 10 times, and try your best to avoid injury.


1. Form your position straight, stand, and hold dumbbells in your left and right hands.
2. Perform up and down movements with the position of the hand still holding the tool.
3. The movement should be slow and relaxed; you don’t need to do fast movements because it will impact other muscles.
4. This movement focuses on all your muscle tissue, or you must warm up all the muscles to focus on the buttocks.
5. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times per set.

Bulgarian Split Squat

1. In maximizing this movement, you need the help of a chair or object that can support one leg.
2. Position one leg back supported by the chair to hold it.
3. Make sure your position is straight even if you are standing on one leg while holding a weight or support device.
4. Do the movement slowly, which will help the formation of muscle tissue in your buttocks.

Hip Thrust

1. For this movement, start by attaching your back to a chair or table and keep your position hanging while on your back.
2. Use a barbell to add weight to your body.
3. Position the barbell on your stomach and move up and down by slowly lowering your buttocks.

Glute Bridge

1. The body is prone on the mat, with the palms of both hands attached to the carpet and the legs bent until the knees are higher.
2. Slowly lift your buttocks so that they are in line with your knees.
3. Then hold the parallel position for a few seconds before lowering it back down.
4. Perform repetitive movements in a steady and relaxed manner.

Walking Lunge

1. Form a squat position with one leg straight back.
2. Perform a stepping motion with one leg straight back.
3. The position of the hands is clenched and straight in the chest position.

Step up

1. Use a chair or table as a medium for movement.
2. Position one foot on the chair then performs an upward movement supported by one leg placed on the chair.
3. This movement can help build buttocks muscles.

Some of these exercises can be tried and applied to build buttock muscles and balance the practice by consuming buttock enlargement pills for maximum results. If you have difficulty training, you need a mentor to help you do the right movements.