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7 Tips on How to You Get a CCNP Certification – A 2024 Guide

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No matter if you’re just starting out in the networking industry or if you’re already an experienced professional, it’ll be extremely beneficial for you to pass one or several Cisco exams in order to obtain their certificate that can change your career entirely. However, passing this exam is easier said than done.

This is why you might now be asking yourself – how can I get prepared for getting a CCNP certification? Luckily for all people that are asking themselves the same question, the article below can help. Let’s take a closer look at some tips that’ll help you obtain the certification that’ll help you advance faster:

1. Before Anything Else, Collect The Materials Needed

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Before you could actually do anything else from this list, your first task is to gather all the necessary materials and information needed. This means that you should get the relevant Cisco materials, check out some useful videos, read some informative articles, and don’t forget to check out different forums and blogs that’ll feature the materials you need.

Of course, it would be completely difficult for you to study from a wide range of materials and sources, which is why you should attempt to sort out the materials you opted for, and naturally, you should choose the ones you prefer the most, hence, it’ll be easier for you to remember all the important information.

Keep in mind, there is a wide range of resources available on the Internet, which means that you cannot really find an excuse for not learning what you should. Hence, ensure that you make the most of the resources you can find, especially since there are various materials offered.

2. Organize Yourself And Your Learning

Once you’ve collected all the materials you need, your next step is to organize yourself and prepare a plan for learning. What does this mean you should do? Well, it means that you’ll need to come up with a plan that’ll detail in which order you’ll go through the materials you’ve gathered.

Everyone learns in a different way, hence, something that might work for someone else might not work for you, which is why you need to develop a strategy that’ll suit your needs. A CCNA exam is daunting, so give yourself some time to decide how you’ll organize yourself and the time you have as well.

The months you’ll spend learning need to be planned out precisely since this will allow you to go through the resources properly. Once you’ve developed a learning plan, it’ll be easier for you to track the progress you’ve made, and more importantly, you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on.

3. Don’t Forget to Write Down Notes

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The entire learning process can be easy and simple, and it could include things such as reading a few pages before you go to bed. However, you should know, you’ll come across various information, which you’ll probably quickly forget. This is why you shouldn’t forget to make notes along the way.

By doing so, you’ll be capable of separating what you’ve learned, what new things you need to go through, and more importantly, you’ll know what you need to review and work on more. Taking notes will certainly take more time, but it’ll make the learning process easier simply because you’ll be aware of your progress.

4. You Cannot Avoid Practicing All The Time

One of the most effective methods for getting prepared is to use CCNP certification exam dumps such as the ones offered by the Spotoclub. By using these exam dumps, you’ll be able to practice all the time with real questions and answers you’ll have during the examination, which means that it’ll be easier for you to pass it.

Additionally, you’ll want to get some real experience by going to practice labs, which will allow you to put theory into practice, hence, you should definitely spend some time on mastering your skills, including things such as troubleshooting different issues, subnetting, as well as configuring.

5. The Exam Objectives Are Crucial

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If there is one thing that you should take away from our list, it’s the fact that you need to learn more about the official examination objectives, which means that you should understand and know the content that’ll be included in the examination you’ll be taking. The content must be your guide while you’re learning.

6. Mind Maps Can Help You Quite a Lot

Yes, taking notes will help you quite a lot, however, you might also want to consider using mind maps. By utilizing these diagrams, you’ll be capable of understanding the materials better, and more importantly, you’ll simplify all the concepts you might get during your CCNP exam.

You could either choose to draw your own mind map or you could also use an online mind map generator – that’ll be quicker and easier – and by doing so, you’ll be able to visualize everything that you’ve written down. This is something that’ll help you easily remember what you need, so, consider using these beneficial maps.

7. Test How Ready You Are

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When you’ve gone through all the resources and materials, you’ll have to test how much you’ve learned. By doing so, you’ll be capable of learning what information you retained, and more importantly, you’ll know what area you’ll need to focus on more. Practice tests and exam dumps are perfect for this, hence, consider using them.

Besides learning what you must focus on, these practice tests will also provide you with the experience of taking the real tests, which means that you’ll know exactly how you’ll feel during the real examination. Learning how prepared you are will help you with determining when you should apply for the exam as well.


To be completely honest, it’ll be difficult and daunting for you to prepare for a CCNP exam. However, if you opt for following some or all of the tips we mentioned in the article above, you’ll be able to make the entire process easier, less time-consuming, and more importantly, you can ensure that you get prepared properly.

Hence, now that you’re aware of all the things you’ll have to do, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your free time. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of our list above, and start with the first task we mentioned – which is gathering all the materials and resources you’ll need.