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Gems of Gaming That Offer an Incredible Ride

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The gaming industry has a pile of games to offer and that pile grows larger each year. That’s because providers need to feed the insatiable gamer of the future. Online and offline titles come out each year, but they don’t stay around for much.

The classics will always get attention and this is something true for the iGaming industry. There are many variants of popular games that players can enjoy, but the classic table games and slots keep the players coming back to the site. They can visit sites from all over the world and see what they offer if they’re looking for a different experience. For example, they can go for UK sites, US sites, or visit www.australiaonlinecasinosites.com/.

When it comes to the world of gaming, there are certain classics, or rather gems that will define the gaming industry forever. These titles are so good that they will inspire countless other games in the coming years.

The gems of the industry are important for old and new gamers which is why each generation of gamers should play them at least once. They can be single titles or part of a franchise depending on the provider, but they are spectacular titles. Here are some of them:

Dragon Age Origins

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This is one game that started a franchise. As the title suggests, you’ll get a fantasy title with dragons, witches, wizards, demons, and so forth. But there’s more to it than that. It all starts with the character creation process and once you create a character, you’ll need to pick a class. You can be a rogue, mage, or warrior and each class gives you a different story arc, to begin with. But all the arcs lead to the main story which means you’ll become a Grey Warden.

Grey Wardens were created to battle the Dark Spawn, you can think of them as demons that came to the world because of the malevolent use of magic. They need to pass a grueling ritual that makes them what they are, and few make it out alive. Once the threat of the Dark Spawn has grown, it’s time for new Wardens, and you’ll join their ranks.

At the battle, the king will be betrayed and you’ll barely make it out alive with the help of a mysterious woman. From that moment onward, you’ll get to search the land for allies to battle the coming demons. Once you’ve found them, you’ll face them in a final battle of epic proportions.

The game comes with some DLCs, one of which lets you take the role of a Dark Spawn, but the main story is so good that it’s hard to pass on an opportunity to enjoy it. In other words, Dragon Age origins is a gem that you need to play at least once. The second game isn’t that good but the third one takes the genre more seriously. It’s up to you if you’re just going for the first one or all of them.

Assassin’s Creed II

As was the case with the previous entry, Assassin’s Creed II is part of a huge franchise. It comes with different protagonists that take you through different periods in history. But there’s something special about the first one that makes it a fan favorite.

A young Italian man during the Renaissance is the protagonist of the game. His name is Ezio Auditore and you’ll get to step into his shoes. He’s a brash young man looking for a life full of pleasantries, but it all comes tumbling down when his father and brothers are imprisoned and falsely accused of being traitors. Despite delivering evidence to the contrary, Ezio sees them hanged and avenges them by killing the judge.

After that, he leaves his hometown and reunites with his uncle who introduces him to the world of the Assassins, an ancient order looking to take the Templars out. Ezio gets the training and enters the world of the Assassins, and you’ll go with him as well. You’ll get an incredible experience as you visit Renaissance Italy and cities like Venice, Firenze, Fiorentina, and others. You’ll even get to meet Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and other notable figures of the era. In short, Assassin’s Creed II is an amazing single-player game that will leave you wanting more. You can continue Ezio’s story in Brotherhood and top it off with a finale in Revelations.

The Age of Empires Franchise

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With 2 RPGs on the list, it’s time to look to some strategy. There are lots of strategy games available, but none of them are like the Age of Empires franchise. It’s particularly interesting if you’re a history fan or major and you’re looking to take an active role in some historical period. The best part about the franchise is that it takes you from the times of swords and shields to the time of gunpowder and cannons.

You’ll be like an invisible king or queen managing your settlement. You’ll use your workers to build farms, blacksmiths, regular houses for the population, trading settlements, shipyards, and more. Depending on the period, you’ll have different siege weapons available. Additionally, you will research new technologies that improve farming, make armor and weapons, and give your settlement an edge when facing the enemy.

Moreover, you’ll be able to play with nations from the Stone to Iron Age, conquer the land with the Romans, and colonize the world during the age of gunpowder. There are different kinds of nations available and they will have their pros and cons. So, you’ll need to adapt to them if you’re looking to survive and take your civilization to the next level.


These are just some of the many gems of the world of gaming. You can start with them and explore the industry for other excellent titles. You can switch genres, and types of games and pick them according to your personal preference. The bottom line is that these gems won’t disappoint you.