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First Time Ever With an Escort: Expectations and How to Prepare

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Many first-timers are a little shy and confused about where to start when booking and meeting an escort for the first time. Well, it can be an overwhelming experience, even for those who are used to it.

The need to utilize the time well to enjoy all of the promised adult fun can also build unnecessary anxiety. Some first-timers also might fear making mistakes and turning the whole moment bad. There are a lot of mixed feelings for first-timers, but all this can be tamed.

But let’s focus on the topic and look at what to expect when meeting an escort for the first time. Are there preparations that you should make? This guide will help you understand.

Booking an Escort

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The most important thing is to make the decision that you will book an escort for the first time. Whether you are traveling or in your home town, you will definitely enjoy the professional services offered by the models.

Instead of calling an escort agency to send an available escort, browse a reliable escort directory to see hundreds of model profiles with services offered, prices, availability, and all of the details you need to finetune your decision.

For first-timers, a directory is better because you can contact an escort directly to make arrangements for a date.

When contacting via email or phone call, remain respectable because escorts are sensitive to disrespect. There is no need to get scared, just remain natural and the conversation will end with a successful booking.

Once you’ve made the decision to book an escort for the first time, the next step is to navigate the process smoothly. Rather than reaching out to an escort agency blindly, consider using a reputable escort directory such as SG VIP Escorts Singapore.

These directories provide a wealth of information about various models, including their services, prices, availability, and other essential details.

One of the significant advantages of using a directory, especially for beginners, is the ability to contact the escort directly. This direct communication allows you to discuss your preferences, make arrangements for a date, and clarify any questions you may have.

When reaching out to an escort via email or phone, it’s crucial to maintain respect and courtesy throughout the conversation. Escorts value respectful interactions, so there’s no need to be anxious.

Just be yourself, remain natural, and the conversation will likely lead to a successful booking. Remember, mutual respect is the foundation of a positive escort experience.

Before the Date

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If you are looking forward to a steamy and sexy date with an escort, there are important things you need to do before the escort’s arrival. Mentioning them is very essential for first-timers to avoid making mistakes that can ruin the afternoon or evening.

Tidy the house – Will you use your house as the venue for the date? You have no choice but you tidy it up, especially the bedroom and bathrooms. Even though an escort might only be coming for an hour or a few, they need a clean, tidy home and sanitized surfaces.

Most escorts agree that little things such as a dirty bed, cold shower, or smelly place are a turn-off.

Tidy yourself – You may not have booked an escort before, but you probably know that getting intimate with a dirty person is a no-no. Escorts do not comprise the “clean and tidy” rule. So, take a shower before and look your best. Dress for the occasion if you will be going out for dinner before coming back home for a good time.

Plan to use protection – You will be surprised to know that professional escorts carry condoms and lube when visiting clients. But make sure that you have yours ready just in case of anything. Protection is a personal initiative.

You may also need facemasks, sanitizers, and a plan to have adult activities that do not put you at the risk of COVID-19, the current nerve-racking pandemic around the world.

Upon Arrival

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Introduction – The time is now. Upon the arrival of the model, give them time to relax and acquaint themselves with the house. However, all escorts from Ivy Société, a popular escort directory in Australia, have experienced professionals and know exactly what is needed of them upon arrival.

But for first-timers, taking time to show the escort around the house or offering a glass of water creates a good time to get used to each other.

Paying – The sooner you pay the model, the better for both of you. Most escorts will ask to be paid upon arrival through cashless options, but if it has to be cash, ensure that you give them an envelope. Paying before is better so you can both concentrate on the fun ahead.

Setting the rules – Escorting is a business, and it has to have rules. Although escorts indicate the services they offer and rules to guide this, it is crucial that you briefly discuss the dos and don’ts to guide you for the next hour or a few. Well, it might not be a formal process with a checklist, but you can discuss them during the introductory conversation.

Taking a shower – To get hands-on, both of you might need to take a shower. It’s not in the rulebook, but is typically a preference before getting comfortable. After all, it could be great foreplay, especially if you share the bathroom and get wet together.

Having Fun

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Even though you are paying for the time, skipping straight into what you think is fun might ruin the moment. We all understand the desire in first-timers, but take your time to have a romantic talk and get into it slowly, just like on a normal date. This is when you need to get a little more comfortable, touch, curdle, and the rest will follow.

Escorts offer a number of services and it is good that you plan for them well. If you are looking for a body contact massage first, then this is a great way to set the stage for intimacy and other fun stuff.

Before getting laid, escorts often perform a health check and ensure that all safety measures are practiced. As a first-timer, this should not surprise you. These professionals handle many clients per week and they need to remain safe, and you too should make sure you are safe.

Just so you know, a ‘full service’ session entails oral sex and intercourse, but you must agree on this before it starts as mentioned. For those who have not experienced such a combination, it might be mind-blowing and it is good to be ready for it psychologically and physically.

Summarizing Things

Escorts are human beings with feelings as well. If you are romantic and good in bed, they will enjoy it too, which increases mutual pleasure. To wind down, cuddle, kiss, and hold each other.

This is a sign of satisfaction and gratitude. Chatting throughout the winding down is also great. When all is over, remember to see off the model to the door and say thank you.