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Top Fashion Retailers Accepting Crypto

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Cryptocurrency is the future of how we perceive money, transactions and money flow. The problem is that not everyone sees this as a future and as a viable option for payments and money transfers.

Cryptocurrency has been around us for some time now and most of us have some sort of that currency in our digital wallets. What is a need right now, is to spend that hard-earned digital currency on something we have a use for. When it comes to FIAT currency it can be spent on everything, while crypto is a bit limited.

Most still don’t believe in it, others are wary of possible malversations, hackings and whatnot but what most don’t understand, after all this time, is that cryptocurrency is a lot more secure than FIAT currency. Having cash on you or your bank account can easily be hacked/stolen while taking your cash from your digital wallet or hacking the blockchain is virtually impossible.

Since we are still in the testing stages, as far as prices and movements of the crypto are concerned, not everyone is accepting crypto as a form of payment. The list here today is for Fashion retailers that are accepting crypto as a form of payment. If you want to pay for anything on this list, you need two things – some crypto and a crypto wallet like you can find here at Crypterium.

Before we start this list I just want to say a thing or two. It is devastating to find out that after all this time only a handful of fashion retailers take crypto as a form of payment.

When you consider that companies like AT&T, Rakuten, Microsoft and other big names are doing this for a while now, fashion retailers need to snap off and start taking steps toward this immediately.

They have to understand that crypto is the thing that will still be here for a long time and that crypto will be broadly accepted almost everywhere. If you are too late to the train you might as well give up a huge chunk of your customer base right now. When new, Gen Z brands and retailers, are doing this for a while now those top tier ones might start bleeding customers and their loyalty that has been carefully accumulated over years.

Trend following is very important, and who knows that better than fashion retailers!

1. Pacsun

Source: gq.com

Most of you probably know about this retailer. They are focused on delivering top brands to young people that are highly inspired and striving. Pacsun offers famous brands like Adidas and Brandy Melville, but they also offer their brand and many others. There is a big choice here and the most important thing that we are interested in is that you can pay with crypto over BitPay and according to their site, whatever you return may be done so for store credit only. They offer Unisex clothes, male, female and kids so you have a lot to choose from and you have some browsing to do, why not get on it immediately.

2. American Eagle

Source: forbes.com

Here is another company that is focused on stylish clothing for men and women but also shoes and accessories. They are a leader in retailing very high quality and trendy clothing, accessories and shoes as well as swimwear. Their products are carefully chosen and very affordable and they are all under the American Eagle and Aerie brands. This is another company that is highly invested in youth and that offers pretty much anything a young striving and progressive individual would need. This includes paying in crypto which is very important today.

3. 6 Dollar Shirts

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Here is a very young retailer that was founded in 2008. Well, when you look at the date they are relatively young, but that is beside the point. A group of people behinds 6DS has gathered one day and decided that you shouldn’t pay $25+ for a T-shirt and decided to start the retailer where you could buy one for only $6.

They didn’t start this to rake up the profits, they had their customers in mind with the intent to give them the best quality for the lowest possible price. They buy shirts in bulk from global brands that we all know and some of them include Delta, Fruit of the Loom, and Gildan. They do the designs of those shirts in house and they offer some of the coolest t-shirts out there. You can have themed designs on your shirts from Halloween to pets, science, drinking, goth, math, football and many, many more. Go check them out see what you like, and most importantly pay with crypto.

4. Aeropostale

Source: fashionnetwork.com

This retailer is trying to represent a sense of dedication, achievement and adventure throughout their casual apparel and accessories that have carefully picked to serve young people. The quality for the value is awesome and they are proud of their brands’ design and their ability to control sourcing, marketing and selling of their merchandise. This allows for lower prices and the freedom to accept any form of payment for their products, including cryptocurrency.


Source: theguardian.com

Another company focused on clothes that are specifically made for a younger generation and the generation that knows what they want and how they want it. They strive to give you and your personality exactly what you need and they are heavily invested in the fact that we are all wonderfully unique. They offer products for both women and men with brands of their own like ASOS Design, Edition, White, Made in Kenya, plus some of which you won’t find anywhere else and they include Reclaimed Vintage, Heart & Dagger, COLLUSION and others.

So after all of these, I think that you have formed a clear Pictor of where the future of fashion retailers sits at. All the retailers that are listed here are relatively new and very successful ones, but most importantly, they are aimed and younger people the Gen Z if you like that is highly invested in finding new ways of payments and doing business.

These retailers have seen that and they are all invested in making your life easier and making your choice where to do your business, with opening doors to new forms of payments like cryptocurrency.

For all other retailers and brands that still don’t accept crypto as a form of payment, you can bypass that with a bit of a “hack”. There are plenty of places where you can buy gift cards for the places you like with cryptocurrency, and go spend those cards in the shop.