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7 Cheap Makeup Hacks and Tips to Look More Attractive

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Makeup takes such an important place in our lives. Not only is it a fun way to put an accent on what we like best on the face and hide minor imperfections, but it’s also a very creative hobby. We can say that applying makeup is a form of art because it certainly feels that way. You have to have a little bit of talent and a lot of patience and practice if you want to become very good at it.

However, if you do not have the necessary skills, makeup can become a source of frustration. That is why it is necessary to collect useful tips and tricks in order to learn to use make-up like a pro, and at the same time make yourself look more attractive. Here are some cheap makeup hacks and tips that always come in handy:

1. Start with foundation and move on with concealer

Source: piqsels.com

One of the most common mistakes when using a concealer is to apply it before foundation. While it may seem sensible to first use a concealer to cover blemishes, redness and other skin changes, and then proceed with foundation, you need to know that this is not the most optimal order. The foundation will completely cover the concealer and you will not get the desired effect.

That is why it is a much better idea to leave the concealer for later and apply a light layer over the foundation. This way, you will cover everything you want on the skin and additionally achieve a natural highlighting effect.

2. Instead of making concealer triangle, make a line under the eye

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Although applying the triangle-shaped concealer under the eyes has been popular and widely accepted for years, trends have changed significantly in recent times. The approach to makeup seems to have changed globally and in 2024 the role of makeup is to highlight the natural beauty and natural look of the face.

One way to achieve a natural face lift, without surgical procedures, is to apply a concealer by making a line under the eye that you will extend towards the end of the eyebrow. After that, all you have to do is blend the concealer thoroughly and get a natural contour that will make your face look lifted.

3. Have a proper skincare

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One of the best makeup hacks we can give you is to make a good base for it. And that doesn’t only mean you need a good primer. It means you have to come up with an optimal skincare routine that will suit your skin.

Radiant skin is the best base for a flawless makeup look. Looking pretty with or without makeup means taking care of your skin daily, and you can click here if want to read more about what you need to pay special attention to when it comes to skincare routine.

4. Use a spoolie brush for maintaining your brows

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It is very important what your eyebrows look like as they provide shape to the whole face. It is not enough to just draw them with a pencil or fill them with eyebrow shadow. It is also important to maintain your natural eyebrow hair so that it looks neat and beautiful.

You will achieve this with the help of a small tool called a spoolie brush. This brush serves as a comb for your eyebrows and ensures that all the hairs are in place throughout the day. Use a spoolie brush before and after applying makeup on your brows. Keep it with you in your purse so you can quickly fix the eyebrow situation if needed during the day.

5. Make your eyes bigger with the help of white eye pencil

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This is a cheap and easy trick that has been used for decades and never seems to go out of fashion. In case you have small eyes and want to make them visually bigger, the best way to achieve this is with the help of a white eye pencil that you will put on your waterline. Utilize this pencil to contour your eyes seamlessly within your entire eye makeup routine, or opt for a more natural look by pairing it with minimal mascara and a touch of highlighter; this powerful tool ensures everyone can achieve the big, beautiful eyes they’ve always dreamed of.

6. Prep your lips before the lipstick

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You want sensual, enchanting lips with a beautiful red lipstick that take everyone’s breath away? It’s possible, but don’t forget to prep your lips first! You can’t expect lipstick to look nice on chapped lips. Therefore, we suggest that you scrub your lips immediately before applying lipstick, and then richly hydrate them with a moisturizer or chapstick. Leave them on your lips for a few minutes until they are soft and ready to apply on them that fiery red lipstick that you can’t wait to wear!

7. Want the perfect wing? Try scotch tape!

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For most people, the most demanding step in the world of makeup is applying eyeliner.

Hey, we hear you! It is not at all easy to achieve that perfect wing because it always seems that you only need to add one more small line here and there… and so on until you realize that now the wing is too thick and you look like a panda bear! Well, this torment has finally come to an end, because you will now learn a new trick: making the perfect wing with the help of just one small tool: scotch tape.

Glue a piece of scotch tape between the end of the lower eyelid and the end of the eyebrow. Then take an eyeliner you like and make the best wing you can. The next step is to carefully peel off the scotch tape. After this, you are free to enjoy the phenomenal look of the eyeliner for the next few hours, which you have not been able to achieve so far. Easy!


Makeup is a perfect tool for emphasizing everything we like on our face and for hiding minor imperfections. It is also a very interesting and creative hobby that can grow into a profession if you are talented enough. However, if you are not that skilled, applying makeup can become a real torture. With these few tips we are sure you will level up your makeup game and look more attractive than ever!