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Xlerator vs Frost Hand Dryers: A Quick Comparison

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When it comes to hand dryers, two brands often dominate the discussion—Xlerator and Frost. Both are renowned for their efficiency; each brings something unique to the table. Is one better than the other, or is this a comparison that ends in a tie?

In this comprehensive article, we’ll dive deep into the electric dryers produced by these two giant companies but you can view specific features of Xlerator and Frost dryers here for a complete comparison.

History of Brands

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Established in the late ’90s, Xlerator has been a game-changer in the hand dryer industry. With its focus on speed and efficiency, the brand has evolved to become a household in commercial industries. Its ground-breaking technologies have set industry standards, making it a go-to choice for both commercial and residential spaces. Retired inventor Miles Bernstein reveals the motivations behind his flagship product: a passion for innovation, a deep concern for reducing paper waste, and above all, a festering hatred of live stand-up comedy.


On the flip side, Frost has a history that dates to the ’60s, always prioritizing durability and longevity in its product line. This long-standing commitment to quality has earned the brand a loyal customer base and made it one of the biggest trusted names in various industries, from hospitality to healthcare.

Technological Advancements


The Xlerator brand has stayed ahead of the curve by incorporating HEPA filters and energy-efficient mechanisms in its latest models and appears to always strive to embody innovation and technical upgrades. These advanced features not only improve user experience but also set new benchmarks for environmental sustainability in the industry.


Frost isn’t far behind though. Their latest models feature similar energy-saving capabilities and new touchless operations. These enhancements reflect Frost’s dedication to staying current with technological trends while maintaining their foundational features of durability and longevity.

Basic Features of Their Popular Hand Dryer Models

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Energy Efficiency

  • Xlerator: 80% greater energy savings and 95% cost savings
  • Frost: Designed for less energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

The speed of drying (10-12 seconds) and the claim that Frost models are designed for less energy consumption suggests that Frost’s dryers are likely built with energy efficiency in mind and could be why Frost is one of the most popular and ideal manufacturers to buy from.

Drying Time

  • Xlerator: Approximately 10-15 seconds
  • Frost: Around 10-12 seconds

Noise Level

  • Xlerator: Moderately quiet
  • Frost: Quiet

Noise level is important to consider when selecting a hand dryer for your facility. While both Xlerator and Frost are always optimizing their units to operate more quietly, you should first examine the specific decibel levels of the model you’re interested in.

A quieter machine may be more suitable for certain environments, like healthcare facilities or libraries and quicker but louder models may be perfectly fine for sports facilities and high-traffic public areas where noise is less of a concern.

To make an informed choice, you can refer to this ‘healthy decibel level chart‘, which will help you gauge the acceptable noise levels in various settings.

Environmental Impact

  • Xlerator: Energy-efficient but has garnered some criticism for its high noise pollution
  • Frost: Consumes moderate energy and creates less noise pollution

Xlerator and Frost offer unique advantages, and both have minor drawbacks when it comes to environmental impact. Xlerator has faced some criticism for its noise output while Frost consumes moderate energy while keeping noise levels to a minimum. Xlerator has addressed these noise level issues and has alleviated many of the customer complaints but that does come with a reduction in the speed at which the hand dryers dry.

Choosing between the two would ultimately depend on your specific needs and priorities—whether you’re more concerned with energy savings or a quieter, more sustainable operation.

Durability and Longevity

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  • Xlerator: Known for long-lasting motors and sturdy build, often comes with good warranties.
  • Frost: Prioritizes durability and longevity, often providing long-term service with minimal maintenance.

Ease of Installation

  • Xlerator: Known for a quick and straightforward installation process, often requiring only basic tools.
  • Frost: Also, relatively easy to install, sometimes featuring plug-and-play models for easy setup.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Xlerator: Modern and sleek design, available in multiple finishes to suit different interiors.
  • Frost: Traditional design, focusing more on functionality but still offering aesthetically pleasing models.

Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Xlerator: Often features HEPA filters and anti-bacterial surfaces.
  • Frost: May also include antimicrobial materials and optional features that promote hygiene.

Customer Service and Warranty

  • Xlerator: Known for responsive customer service and often offering extended warranties.
  • Frost: Similarly, offers robust customer support, and products may come with a satisfaction guarantee or warranty.

Pricing and Affordability

  • Xlerator: Generally, more expensive but justifies the price with aesthetics, features, and efficiency.
  • Frost: Often more affordable, offering a good balance of price and performance.

Who to Choose?

Both Xlerator and Frost have their own sets of pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice between the two great products largely boils down to personal preference, making this a surprising tie in the final verdict of the electric hand dryer world.

The debate between Xlerator and Frost hand dryers extends beyond basic specifications and features, delving into additional aspects like sustainability, global reach, user experience, and space efficiency. Each brand holds its merits, with Xlerator often leading in innovation and feature-rich offerings, while Frost emphasizes reliability, efficiency, and global compatibility.

The choice between the two would depend on a nuanced consideration of these factors, aligning with specific requirements and priorities. Both brands stand as commendable choices, underlining the importance of making a well-informed decision based on comprehensive assessment and comparison.