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Guide to Write the Best Essay and How to Get an Extensive Vocabulary

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Mastering the art of essay writing can be a little difficult if you’re doing it at the college level. College-level essays are known to be the hardest of all. In schools, we were given informative essays to write which are the easiest. This is why we never really had difficulty in writing them.

Once you transfer from school to college, your education level will also increase which might cause stress. It’s completely normal as every student goes through this phase. Feeling stressed about your education is a good thing as it makes you try harder to do good in your studies to overcome the stress.

College essay writing is completely different from what we used to do in school. We will only be given an argumentative essay to write in college. An argumentative essay is when you try to convince the readers to adopt your point of view. You will be presenting two arguments and will be giving equal information about both of them so that your statement does not look biased.

Try to use legit information from reliable sources when research because your teachers are not dumb and will catch you and might even fail you. This is something you should keep in mind when researching your topic. And in the end, you will be supporting either one of the points so that and giving a brief support sentence to it that makes sense.

The main aspect of essay writing is vocabulary. If you can’t convey your message to your audience, you can not do essay writing. Essay writing mostly consists of you conveying something to the audience. You will have to present and convey your arguments to your audience and it’s important they also understand them.

And if they don’t, this means your vocabulary is not good enough and you should work on it. With an extensive vocabulary, you’ll be able to easily express any emotion, idea, or message to your audience using a different variety of words and with those different words, you’ll be forming different sentences containing different meanings.

Here is how you can improve your vocabulary

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The first thing you should do is make a timetable and follow it daily. You will have to work hard and follow it daily if you want to see quick results. Don’t leave it for the end of the day as you’ll be too tired to work then. Try to do it in the morning as your mind is fresh then.

You should start by reading some books and novels, reading books and novels written by professionals will allow you to learn and adapt their vocabulary. Professionals have an extensive vocabulary which they use when writing books and novels.

You will come across many new words which you should write down somewhere so you don’t forget about them. It’s also important to learn their meanings because if you don’t they’ll just keep piling up and it’ll be almost impossible to learn their meaning all at once.

Once you’ve finished a novel or a book, you can start freewriting daily and try to use the new words you’ve come across when freewriting so you don’t forget their meanings. This will allow you to strongly memorize them.

This is something even professionals do to this day because freewriting is something that will never stop improving your vocabulary and writing skills. No writer is perfect and they are always looking for ways to improve.

You can also use websites like https://www.paperhelp.org/ for some guidance, they will give you the best possible tips out there a person can use when improving their vocabulary. Professional writers will be dealing with you and will also be sharing the tips they used to improve their vocabulary. This website is something every newbie writer should use if they want to significantly improve their vocabulary.

Here’s a guide on how you can and should write all of your essays

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The first thing you should always do is read the assignment paper carefully. It’s something your teacher expects you to follow because the requirements and instructions given on the paper are by them and they really expect you to follow it and if you don’t, they might even fail you as you won’t be eligible for their essay writing program. Always remember to read the assignment paper carefully and make sure to not just read it, you also have to follow it no matter what when writing your essay.

The topic will already be given on the assignment paper so, you won’t get to choose your topic. Start the research of your topic somewhere peaceful, you can go to your college library for this and even use their computers for it. There is everything available on the internet so you don’t have to use the library books for research.

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However, if you think the information, you’re using from the internet is fake, you can then use the books for reliable information and then compare it with the info on the internet to see if it’s legit. Make sure to gather at least 2 main arguments as you’ll have to present them later in the essay. Also, gather some support sentences to support the arguments, don’t make it look like you’re only supporting one of the arguments.

Then you may start writing the essay. The essay should be of 5 paragraphs and 2 of those paragraphs should contain those 2 main arguments you gathered from your research. Try to not get too wordy when describing things as the reader can get bored reading a whole paragraph about a single thing. Try to use short sentences when describing things.

Once you’re done with the body, you can end your essay by giving it a closure which means writing a conclusion to it. You will be supporting one of the arguments here and will try to convince the reader to adapt your point of view. This part of the essay should be about 4-5 lines maximum.