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Top 10 Middle Eastern Perfumes You Should Try in 2024

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Embark on a journey through the world of exquisite scents with our handpicked selection of fragrances. From the allure of traditional ingredients to the charm of contemporary blends, these perfumes promise to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift or a signature scent for yourself, our guide covers a range of preferences and occasions.

Barakkat Rouge 540

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Barakkat Rouge 540 stands out as a particularly popular choice of an Arabic Perfume. This fragrance is celebrated for its unique blend that captures the essence of luxury and sophistication, making it a favorite among customers. With its deep, intoxicating scent, Barakkat Rouge 540 is a testament to the artistry and heritage of Middle Eastern perfumery, offering an unforgettable olfactory experience. Whether you’re seeking a warm and spicy scent, a sweet and floral aroma, or a bold and masculine fragrance, Barakkat Rouge 540 ensures that there’s something for everyone, making it one of the best high-quality Arabic perfumes.

Swiss Arabian Layali

This oil-based concoction is a harmonious fusion of fruity and floral notes, starting with a vibrant mix of plum, orange blossom, and blackcurrant. It evolves into a floral heart of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and rose, before settling into a sweet base of amber and oud. Its light presence on the skin makes it a delightful choice, though it may require reapplication. The enchanting blend captures the essence of an Arabian night, making it perfect for those who appreciate a fragrance that transitions smoothly from day to night.

Rasasi La Yuqawam

Embodying timeless elegance, this fragrance opens with a bold blend of Italian leather, Arabian oud, and Indian saffron, leading into a heart of geranium, rose, Yemeni olibanum, and French jasmine. The base notes of leather, amber, and agarwood create a lasting impression, making it a favorite among connoisseurs. La Yuqawam is a testament to the mastery of blending traditional scents with a modern twist, offering a deeply masculine aroma that commands attention.

Oud Al Layl Gift Set by My Perfumes

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Ideal for both men and women, this set features a 100ml eau de parfum and a 200ml perfume spray, centered around the luxurious aroma of oud. Complemented by top notes of rose and orange, and a heart of violet, cedarwood, and sugar, it finishes with a base of musk, moss, and patchouli. This gift set is a celebration of the rich heritage of Middle Eastern perfumery, offering a scent that is both profound and captivating, perfect for those who cherish depth in their fragrances.

Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud

A gourmand’s dream, this fragrance opens with saffron, known as ‘red gold’, and melds into a heart of agarwood and rose, before concluding with vanilla, praline, and oud. Its opulent bottle and enduring aroma make it an excellent gift choice. Shaghaf Oud is a journey through the opulence and luxury of the Middle East, offering an intoxicating experience that is both exotic and familiar, making it a standout fragrance for those seeking to make a statement.

Khamrah Lattafa

Celebrated for its lasting sillage, this fragrance starts with bergamot, cinnamon, and sage, leading into a heart of praline, dates, and tuberose, and finishes with a base of vanilla, oud, myrrh, tonka bean, and amber. Its sweet, warm, and spicy profile is especially appealing for evening wear. Khamrah Lattafa is an olfactory masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of an enchanted evening, making it an irresistible choice for those who are drawn to fragrances that tell a story. The blend is a testament to the art of perfumery, weaving together notes that evoke a sense of wonder and sophistication.

Parfums De Marly Godolphin

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Named after a legendary Arabian horse, this rich and complex scent opens with thyme, saffron, and cypress, transitions into a heart of jasmine, Taif rose, and orris, and concludes with a base of vetiver, musk, amber, leather, and cedarwood. Its strong, charismatic aroma ensures a lasting presence. Godolphin is a tribute to the noble spirit of the horse it’s named after, offering a blend that is both majestic and timeless, perfect for the modern gentleman who values strength and elegance. This fragrance is a celebration of heritage and the pursuit of perfection, embodying the essence of luxury and aristocracy.

Nemat Amber

A viral sensation, this fragrance oil offers a subtle, personal scent that adapts to your body chemistry. Its clean, soft notes create a unique aroma that’s both inviting and enduring, making it a versatile choice for daily wear. Nemat Amber is a whisper of mystery and allure, offering a personal touch that becomes more pronounced with wear, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a fragrance that is both personal and profound. It stands as a gentle reminder of the beauty in simplicity, offering a serene and comforting presence throughout the day.

Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

Inspired by a discovery in Marrakesh, this fragrance combines amber resin with cistus herb and vanilla for a minimalist yet intoxicating scent. Its elegance and warmth make it particularly appealing for evening occasions. Ambre Sultan is an ode to the beauty of the Moroccan landscape, capturing the essence of ancient markets and the mystique of the desert, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a fragrance with a rich narrative. This scent is a bridge between past and present, offering a timeless elegance that whispers tales of history and intrigue.

Ajmal Amber Wood

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Best suited for evening wear, this potent blend features top notes of apple, white pepper, lavender, and cardomom, a woody heart of orris and cedarwood, and a base of amber and patchouli. Its warm, woody essence is perfect for those balmy nights out. Ajmal Amber Wood is an exploration of the depth and complexity of the forest at night, offering a scent that is both comforting and mysterious, ideal for those who are drawn to the allure of the night. It envelops the wearer in an aura of sophistication and mystery, making it a captivating choice for any evening event.


In conclusion, our curated selection of fragrances offers a glimpse into the world of luxurious scents, blending tradition with contemporary flair. Each fragrance has been chosen for its unique character and ability to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re drawn to the opulent aroma of oud or the timeless elegance of floral and woody notes, there’s a scent to match every preference and occasion. Explore these exquisite fragrances to find your next signature scent or the perfect gift for a loved one.