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Secure Proxy Extension for Your Chrome Browser

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Cybersecurity has never been as important as it is today. Likewise, ensuring more safety is easier than ever before. Proxy servers are one of the more advanced solutions in securing anonymous browsing that can bypass various restrictions and blocks.

Proxy extension for Chrome makes it easier to use proxies and manage them. At the same time, a regular workflow can remain without inconvenient interruptions or difficult workarounds that costs lots of time and wastes your efforts that you can direct to more productive matters.

This article will discuss what this proxy extension is and how it helps improve your safety on the internet. It also covers what proxies are and how they benefit businesses.

IP address

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Your IP address opens the main breach you can have while surfing the internet. It contains valuable information about your location, hostname, or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

But more importantly, all your requests are counted under your IP address. It opens the possibility to track all your activity and spot anything that seems suspicious.

For instance, if you are scraping the web, you will send lots of requests in a short period. It will raise questions whether you are using the internet as a regular user or if you are just a bot or someone who seems threatening to others by extracting the data too excessively.

If you are using automation software, you will exceed the normal number of requests even more. That will attract unwanted attention.

Any violation of the Terms of Service on any site will lead to blocking you. And this block is usually applied to your IP address. When it is blocked, you can’t access the site.

Geo-restrictions work the same way. If your IP address indicates a location that is to be restricted, your IP will be limited to accessing only the content available for that location. Geo-blocked will not be available with your IP.

New IPs with proxies

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The main function of a proxy is changing your IP address. Proxy is an intermediary server that you connect to in order to access any site on the internet.

Normally, you access it through the network that your ISP establishes. The latter is also responsible for your IP address. Proxies work instead of your ISP; therefore, they give you a new IP address.

Your original IP is seen only by your proxy providers. Anything outside their servers will see only the IP address of a proxy. And they have lots of them.

Nobody can track your activity when you use multiple IP addresses instead of a single one. Different requests come from distinct IPs that make them seem like requests from different internet users. This way, you can send many requests without being noticed that all of them come from you.

Proxy extension

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Extension for Chrome can help manage proxies. Proxies need to rotate their IP addresses regularly in order to work properly and serve their main purpose, namely, bypassing all IP-based blocks, including geo-restrictions. Check here for more information.

The proxy extension allows choosing the length of a single IP address usage before rotating it. With a few clicks, you can rotate them whenever you want.

If you feel like it’s time to change it before accumulating more history of your activity under a particular IP address or your current IP got blocked, you can change it momentarily. Or you can stick longer with the same IP address if you think that you need to build more history under it to seem like a more genuine user in the eyes of your target servers.

If you want to find the best proxy extension for the Chrome browser, you need to pursue the one that allows using proxies from different providers in one single extension.

When you can manage all proxies that you have without having to bother how to control them through different dashboards and optimizing their settings with respect to each other, you will not need to occupy your mind with these kinds of tasks.

All these things can be done in one comfortable tool where all resources at your disposal can be controlled. It unties your hands to your direct work, leaving all management as easy as it gets.

Advantages of using proxies

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Proxy extension with high-quality proxies will help you retain your already blocked resources and continue working without interruptions:

• No more geo-restrictions,
• No more IP-based bans,
• No more frequent CAPTCHA tests,
• No more surveillance,
• No more automation software suspension.

Masking your IP address with multiple rotating IPs from proxy servers provides all these features that can be widely used in business and private activities alike.

Whether you are engaging in extensive web scraping projects or wish to access content from different countries, proxies will ensure that you will no longer have to deal with these blocks.

You can apply these advantages in reselling business. Sneaker copping or reselling tickets is heavily influenced by working around various restrictions. For example, you can’t buy the same thing in large quantities if it’s a limited item or ticket. You will need to imitate different users to get the same things many times.

Different accounts won’t help because they will share the same IP address. Different IPs, however, is another story. With proxies, you can get whatever you want without bothering about limits set for customers.

Social media marketing is another field where using automation tools is an advantage that works only with proxies. Otherwise, you will end up blocked.

Final thoughts

Proxy extension for Chrome is an excellent tool to manage your proxies from multiple providers. You can rotate your IP addresses whenever you want, either for a more extended period to stay with the same IP address or reduce the remaining time with a single IP. It makes your cybersecurity improvements easily manageable and comfortable to use, saving both your time and nerves. With multiple IPs, you will not be bound to the drawbacks of being just a single warrior in the field. You will be an army all by yourself.