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7 Questions to Ask During Your First Video Chat

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Video chatting is a great way to get to know someone before meeting in person. But those first few minutes can feel awkward if you don’t have good questions planned. Rather than sitting in awkward silence, have a list of intriguing questions ready to get to know them and find mutual interests.

This article covers the seven best icebreaker questions you can use to make a strong first impression and determine if there’s a connection worth pursuing further. Once you try these questions, you’ll see how easily you can get the ball rolling and learn so much about your chat partner.

#1 Where are you from?

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This classic introductory question is the perfect one to start with on a free online chat call with a stranger. Asking about someone’s hometown or country immediately establishes common ground and sets a light, welcoming tone for your interaction.

Not only does it break the ice, but learning where someone is from can reveal a lot about their background and interests. Are they a small-town homebody or a well-traveled adventurer? Are they lifelong city slickers or recent transplants? Geography shapes our experiences and perspectives.

Pro Tip: Don’t just ask, “Where are you from?” Follow up to learn more. Ask what they enjoy about their hometown or if they’ve always lived in the same place. Show interest by asking what other parts of their country or the world they’ve visited.

Remember, the best free online chat conversations are a two-way street. Be ready to share about your hometown and travels, too.

#2 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Once you know where someone calls home, their answer to what they enjoy doing in their spare time can provide key insights into their personality and interests. Asking about hobbies is a friendly way to uncover shared passions you may both get excited talking about.

Through their response, you may discover a favorite activity you’d like to try yourself one day. Perhaps they discuss a type of music, TV shows, or indoor games you have in common. Learning about how someone prefers to relax and recharge gives you a glimpse into their leisure proclivities and priorities outside work.

If traveling or cooking comes up often in their free time, those can spur spirited discussion comparing culinary styles or dream destinations. And unearthing uncommon hobbies makes for quirkier banter that helps each of you feel uniquely understood.

#3 If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Go?

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This imaginative question lets you learn about your chat partner’s travel aspirations and dream destinations. Maybe they have their sights set on Paris, Rome, or Tokyo. Or maybe they’ve always wanted to live seaside in Greece or Australia. Their answer can reveal both their interests and values.

Pay attention to why certain places stick out in their mind. Do they value culture and history? Are they drawn to warm climates and beaches? Do opportunities to learn or work factor into the appeal? How does their ideal place compare to where they live now?

Feel free to dig deeper with follow-up questions about why certain locations appeal to them. And be sure to share some of the places you’ve dreamed of living, too, whether it’s a tropical paradise or a bustling global hot spot. Look for common threads between your dream locales.

#4 What are three things on your bucket list?

A bucket list reveals much about someone’s hopes, dreams, and sense of adventure. The things each person hopes to do before they “kick the bucket” are very telling.

Their list may include daredevil activities like skydiving, hiking Mount Everest, or dream vacations to exotic locales. They may have personal goals like starting a nonprofit or mastering a skill. Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions on their choices.

Be sure to share a few of your bucket list desires, too. Look for common ground in the themes or locations that excite you both. If you share a particular goal, make a pact to achieve it together someday.

Pro Tip: For a touch of flirtiness, propose adding each other to your buck lists! For example, “Go on an amazing first date with [their name]” or “Take [their name] dancing in Paris.” A little cheese never hurts during a first video chat.

#5 What superpower would you want and why?

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This lighthearted question allows your creativity to shine through. It’s a fun way to learn what personality traits, values, and abilities someone admires.

Does their ideal superpower indicate a free spirit, like the ability to fly or teleport anywhere in the world? Or does it reveal altruistic goals, like healing powers or super strength to help others?

Look for opportunities to explore why certain powers appeal to them. Also, consider powers that complement each other – like reading minds and invisibility or super speed and time travel. Share the super abilities you’d want, too.

Moreover, you can flirt by suggesting powers that would help you make an impression on your chat date, like making their favorite flowers appear or knowing exactly what to say to make them smile. A little playful flirting builds rapport.

#6 What are you afraid of?

Sharing vulnerabilities can bring people closer together. We all have certain fears or phobias that may seem irrational but feel very real to the person experiencing them. This question allows you to open up about the things that scare you most.

Maybe they hate bugs, get squeamish around blood, or fear heights. Perhaps they have some social fears like public speaking. They may reveal deeper anxieties about health, relationships, or other personal matters.

Listen without judgment and share your fears, too. Look for a common ground you can bond over. And if your date mentions more serious phobias or anxieties, gently let them know you’re happy to talk about those things when the time is right.

Remember to add some humor to take the edge off heavier topics. For example, laugh about how you both run screaming from spiders or would rather face a bear than give a speech!

#7 What else would you like to know about me?

A first video chat is a two-way street, so give your chat partner a chance to learn more about you. Turn the question around and ask what else they’d like to know.

This shows that you are just as interested in sharing about yourself as learning about them. It also takes some pressure off thinking of new questions by letting them guide the discussion.

Be ready to answer questions about your hometown, family, job, hobbies, travel adventures, or anything else they ask. Share personal stories and anecdotes that bring your experiences to life.

If they seem shy, you can prompt them with potential topics like, “Would you like to know about my funniest travel mishap or most awkward first date?” Make it easy for them to take their turn.


Making a great first impression on a video chat starts with asking the right questions. By taking turns sharing about your hometowns, hobbies, dreams, fears, and more, you’ll quickly get to know the real person behind the screen name. With this list as your guide, you’ll spark conversations that reveal who you both truly are. When you log off from that first call, you’ll really feel like you’ve made a new connection.