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Men’s Guide to Wearing Gold Bracelets

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Men’s jewelry offers a variety of ways for guys to show off their style. Statement pieces such as diamond earrings and men’s rose gold chains, which can be found at FrostNYC, have been popular jewelry options for years, but they aren’t your only choices. More guys are choosing to wear bracelets as a way to amp up their outfits.

Some men worry that bracelets aren’t masculine enough, or they don’t know how to style bracelets with their other jewelry. Learning what design features to look for and how to rock your bracelet can give you the confidence to add men’s bracelets to your jewelry collection.

Are Bracelets Masculine?

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Gold bracelets in chunky, elegant designs that match other popular men’s jewelry are highly masculine. Men’s bracelets tend to avoid thinner and more delicate styles that dominate women’s bracelet design.

Instead, they feature larger or thicker woven links and chains to match popular gold chain patterns, including Cuban link and rope chains. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock thinner bracelet styles. Thin chains are ideal for layering and pairing with other wrist bling.

Designers of men’s bracelets aren’t afraid to turn bracelets into bright accent pieces that get you noticed. High-end bracelets are made from luxury metals and often include diamonds and other gemstones.

Men’s gold bracelets offer guys a statement piece for special occasions, professional events, and everyday wear. They’re a great alternative to luxury watches and can be worn alone or paired with earrings, chains, or rings.

Types of Bracelets to Consider

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There is a large variety of gold bracelets for men that come in thicker or chunkier masculine styles. In classic white or yellow gold, bracelets pair well with other jewelry pieces, while rose gold bracelets give your ensemble a retro twist. Or you can opt for higher-end options like diamond-encrusted bracelets for a blinged-out vibe.

Rope chain bracelet

Rope chain bracelets are crafted to resemble the shape of a rope and are made from several strands of metal links. The strands are connected to each other in a twisted, rope-like pattern and match the gold chain of the same design.

Solid gold rope chain bracelets offer wearers a more durable style than hollow gold rope chain bracelets. A solid gold rope chain bracelet is less likely to get dented by everyday activity and is a good choice if you’re constantly on the go.

Rope chain bracelets work well with simple, casual outfits, allowing their intricate design to stand out. Wear a rose gold rope chain bracelet with a black or gray t-shirt for a warm, flirty look. You can also put on a yellow or white gold rope chain bracelet with a white t-shirt or simple pullover sweater to draw attention to its design.

Figaro bracelet

Figaro chain bracelets offer you a larger, more open link design that works perfectly alone or paired with another bracelet or a ring. The Figaro pattern features one large oval-shaped link hooked to three identical but smaller links. The visual effect is a thick, masculine chain that looks stunning with everything from a plain white t-shirt to a black turtleneck with a sports coat.

Cuban link bracelet

A bracelet made in a classic Cuban link chain design is one of the most masculine options available. Cuban link chains rose to popularity out of the hip-hop scene in the 1970s and 80s and became the quintessential manly accessory.

The association between wealth and riches and the Cuban link chain carries forward today, making a yellow or white gold Cuban link chain bracelet the perfect choice for a man who wants to rock a little bling while still feeling rough and tumble.

Pair your Cuban link bracelet with a matching Cuban link necklace chain for a hard-hitting, hip-hop look. You can also throw on a yellow gold Cuban link bracelet with a Figaro or Franco chain bracelet in white gold to mix the tones and create a unique look.

Iced-out diamond bracelets

If you are a man who loves a little bling, iced-out diamond bracelets are an excellent option. Diamond-studded bracelets offer you the chance to indulge yourself and show the world your style. Often associated with fidelity and love, diamonds symbolize wealth and power.

A classic combination of an iced out bracelet and bust down watches is something that will always bring attention to you wherever you are. With a huge variety of different gem colors you can create a unique combination that even women would be envious of. Although this combination might look very expensive, you can find fine natural jewelry on the internet.

Diamonds work best on chains with wider surface area, such as Miami Cuban link chains, but they also look great as the focal piece on a bracelet made of solid yellow, white, or rose gold.
No matter the design, when you wear a blinged-out diamond bracelet, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd.

Franco bracelet

Franco chains, sometimes called snake chains, are created using interwoven V-shaped links. This variation on the classic Cuban chain gives the Franco bracelet a flatter, sleeker look, making it an excellent choice for layering with chunkier pieces or wearing on its own as part of a minimalist look.

Pair a thin white gold Franco bracelet (no more than 4.5mm thick) with a luxury Rolex timepiece with a two-tone Jubilee or Oyster bracelet. This thinner bracelet diameter reduces the risk of scratches on your watch and won’t overwhelm your wrist.

Dog tag bracelet

Although dog tags are commonly seen on men’s neck chains, the style is not often worn as wrist bling, making it an excellent choice when you want to add a unique twist to your look. Dog tag bracelets are designed using a series of small balls connected via a thin metal chain. Dog tag bracelets come in various precious metals, including yellow, rose, and white gold, and they are ideal for casual outfits.

Style your dog tag bracelet by jumping on the mixed metals trend and wearing one of each type of gold on your wrist simultaneously. Pair the accessories with a simple black or white tee and a pair of well-cut jeans to keep the bling from overpowering your outfit.

Highlight Your Fashion-Forward Style with a Gold Bracelet

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Gold bracelets are not just for women. Anyone can wear a gold bracelet to add a touch of class and glamor to their look. Choose your favorite chain style, like a Cuban link or Franco chain, and find a yellow, white, or rose gold bracelet that complements your taste.

Wearing a masculine gold chain bracelet can help you feel confident and cool in any setting.