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How to Learn French With a Native Speaker for Free

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It is tough to learn French if you do not communicate with native speakers. In this section, you will find free chats, forums, programs, and just sites where you can chat in French. Why are forums good? Forums are the same programs for communication as chats. Only you can give your answers or comments on any topic not immediately, but when it is convenient for you when you have time. You can think over your reply in advance, the grammatical construction of your sentences, and look into the grammar guide. You can find a French tutor for that purpose, and if you need a truly professional one – get Preply.

They are helpful in that you need to think quickly to say something, as in ordinary life. Don’t forget to leave your comments in French on various news articles on topics of interest to you. Discuss any case in French and introduce new French words into your speech.

Use the Platforms

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There are a lot of French learners. Therefore, you should interact with them. It can be done in subreddits, communication boards, forums, and French discord servers. A lot of learners spend time there. It would not be suitable for you to miss this opportunity. So feel free to join, be active and benefit from communication with others. And it is not necessary to contact people of your language level – contact people with a large store of knowledge, especially if you have questions.


Similar to the previous resource, there is an atmosphere for learning here and the opportunity for teachers to check your assignments. You can upload files to the site, share them, and discuss various topics in French. You can find native speakers living nearby to arrange a meeting and chat with them over coffee. If such interlocutors are not located, the service’s capabilities allow you to use text and video chats for language exchange.

Language Exchange

Within the framework of one conversation, each participant alternately plays the role of a teacher and a student. That is, the virtual meeting is conducted in two languages. It adds flexibility to thinking and facilitates the assimilation of information.


The Paltalk program is designed to communicate in various foreign languages. Easy to download and install. There are rooms explicitly designed for learning French. You can share this with all participants on this topic and with an individual visitor in this chat. In addition to the usual “chat” communication, this program allows you to communicate using microphones and webcams.


The sharedtalk.com website brings together people worldwide whose goal is language exchange and learning foreign languages.

Talk to Yourself and the Natives on the Streets

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Talk to yourself if you have no one else! A great way to practice speaking French is to strike up conversations with yourself on general topics. You know yourself better than anyone, and since this is a more private process, it will help you build your self-confidence.

You can also try impersonating different characters from your favorite movies, TV shows, and series. Even though you won’t get any feedback, these exercises are the key to becoming fluent in the language because there are no barriers or interference. Speak as loudly and clearly as possible. However, try to do this one-on-one with yourself.

Otherwise, people will think you’re crazy!

Connect with Other People Whenever Possible

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Do not miss the opportunity to practice if you are surrounded by people who know French. It might not be easy at first, and the further you go, the easier it gets. No matter how short and simple, a real conversation will help you feel more confident in speaking French.

Practice with your teacher, other students, the exchange student who arrived from Lyon last week, and the grandmother who owns that French restaurant a couple of blocks from your house. Use every chance to improve your language. Do not be shy!

​​Listen to Podcasts

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Listening to the radio in French can also be beneficial for your learning. You can hear the accent on the air, the pronunciation, and the emotions again. Many websites and platforms make it possible to listen to a radio station broadcast. The free online radio tuner Streema can help you with this.

Speaking of learning a language through music will please you and positively affect your mastery of the language. It will improve your hearing and grammar. You can write down the verses you hear or the song’s words and try to translate them. If you suddenly stumble upon an unfamiliar word, then LyricsTranslate can help you here, which will translate into English any French song.

And for practicing your pronunciation and intonation, singing is best suited. You improve your speech and hearing at the same time. Many songs have all sorts of mistakes. It is not uncommon to encounter constructions that will be erroneous according to grammar rules. Performers need to correlate the song’s rhythm with the text. And here the rule applies – everything is for the sake of art. Having found a mistake, you improve the level of grammar and memorize this or that rule.

Communicate Through Social Networks

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Pupils spend a lot of their leisure time on social networks, which is not a secret. But this pastime can be paid with benefits and spent on learning French, among other things.

Changing the language on social media networks or any other app can help you learn new words. And be able to apply them. And changing the language of the entire phone in your settings is similar. Many channels on YouTube provide helpful information and tips for learning French. Here are some popular channels:

• Learn French with Alexa;
• Learn French with Pascal;
• FrenchPod101.

You can choose the teaching method that suits you due to the wide variety. Instagram or Twitter also serves as a great helper. You can search and subscribe to different accounts, analyze them and learn something valuable and new for yourself.


The most important thing about learning French with natives is tuning in with the person you talk to. You can’t get a deep conversation without rooting for the culture and vibe of the locals.