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How To Know If An Online Competition Is A Scam

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Online competitions are very popular nowadays. You can take part in sweepstakes or giveaway on Facebook or Instagram, and considering how much time we spend online each day, we could use that to get some useful and beautiful things. However, you should take into account that online competitions are very often scams that can lead to losing a huge amount of money, and sometimes even identity theft. That is why it is crucial to know how to check if an online competition is a real thing or if someone is trying to deceive you. Here is how to know if an online competition is a scam.

Why would anyone make fake online competitions?

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We are all aware of how much time we spend on phones, scrolling the internet, and checking out social media. Of course, all of these platforms can also serve a good purpose or be used for business, which is great news. However, there are many scammers in the online world, just like in the offline world we live in. You’ve probably heard of online contests that are scams, and you may even have participated in one. And you may not understand why anyone would do something like this. Well, the fact is that in this way, fraudsters can earn a lot of money, but also do some much worse things.

The other party will ask you, as the winner of the prize game, to provide them with personal data, such as name, surname, address, telephone number, and other data that may be misused. Identity fraud is much more common than you think, and online competitions are the method by which this can be achieved. Although the Facebook or Instagram profiles that organize these online competitions often present themselves as well-known companies that can be trusted, the fact is that it is all a lie. And very often they ask the winner to send them money to deliver the prize, and the goal is only to cheat them, take their money and run away without a trace. For this reason, online competitions can be unsafe and it is necessary to be extra careful when entering one.

How to know if online competition is a scam?

1. Search the Internet for additional verification

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Although we encounter unpleasant things like fraudulent online competitions on the Internet, the fact is that the Internet also has its positive sides. One of them is that in a few seconds we can get to most of the information we are looking for. In this case, as the winner of the prize game, you can type in the name of the online competition and check what Google says about it. Once you type in the name of the online competition, the search engine should output information that seems credible.

For example, the entry form, forums that talk about the competition, and other information that makes sense. However, when it comes to scams, you will probably be able to read the comments of cheated people who share their unpleasant experiences and help others avoid the same mistakes. If you are not completely sure about the reliability of the company that organizes the competition, it is a great idea to inquire further and check what the internet says about it.

2. Check with the company if the online competition is legitimate

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The best way to confirm whether a sweepstake is legitimate is to contact the company that organized it directly. Check who the sponsor is, then do a search and find the correct contact information, preferably a phone number you can call and talk to someone directly. Do not call the number that is highlighted within the competition, because if someone tries to scam you, they will leave a fake phone number, talk to you, and in the end convince you that the competition is real, not a scam, even if it is not true. After contacting the company, introduce yourself, explain the situation and ask them to confirm the authenticity of the online competition. In case it is a large company with many sectors, keep in mind that this could take a while, but in the end, you will get the right information.

3. Pay attention to the application form for the online competition

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In each prize draw, it is necessary to fill in the application form and leave personal data in order to confirm your participation and so that the company that organizes it can contact you if you win. This is completely legitimate and it’s okay to leave some of your data. However, pay attention to the application form and conclude if it looks suspicious in any way. For example, you may be expected to provide too much personal information.

Your first and last name and phone number are fine, but your passport or ID number, date of birth, and others indicate that the other party is trying too hard to invade your privacy, which can be a bad sign. In case you come across such application forms, we advise you to be extra careful and check if the online competition may be a scam.

Online competitions are not always a cause for concern

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Although there are fraudulent online competitions, not all of them are like that. If you are careful and do all the necessary checks, you can have very positive experiences with prize games, and maybe even come out of them as a winner. If you need help and an extra push in sweepstakes, you can click here to learn how to increase the number of votes and your chances of winning competitions like this.


Most people spend hours online every day and come across different content, including online competitions. These are very popular nowadays and can seem very attractive, because who doesn’t want nice prizes for free? But keep in mind that sweepstakes are often a scam where someone on the other side tries to steal your money or even steal your identity. Always be extra careful with online contests and do all the necessary checks before you provide someone with your personal information or money.