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Boudoir Photography Posing Tips for Beginner Photographers

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Boudoir photography becomes an extremely popular niche of portrait photography. It combines elements of fine art, glamour, portraiture, and seductive themes. The word boudoir comes from French, as many would assume. Boudoir photography presents a new trend, but when we are talking about the style itself it has been popular since the 1940s.

This type of photography is extremely special since the poses are sensual and intimate. If you would see the boudoir photo you would notice that the focus is on the body of the person and their look. In most cases, women are in these photographs, however, males and couples also decide to be models for these photos.

There is something unique about this type of art and people are wanting to take these photographs to capture themselves in a seductive and extraordinary way, so they can look at their young version as the years pass. If you are interested and daring to try this out, head out to the boudoir photography Dallas studio and get yourself some attractive and sexual photos of your body.

Some people are even sharing with their partners these types of photographs in order to connect with each other intimately and sensually. Boudoir photographs are often a precursor to a wedding.

The style of these photos is provocative, nudity is implied, but it is not shown. If you are a photographer and you are new in this niche, we are here to help you connect with your clients and capture their extremely special moments in the boudoir style.

Explain Each Pose to the Model

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Boudoir photography is a lot more challenging than any other one. However, just because of its uniqueness it provides a lot of space for photographs to be creative and to have the freedom to capture something incredible. When you want to photograph your client, you must describe every pose clearly to her or him. In case you can not find the right words to explain how they should stand, be free to demonstrate the pose.

This will be the most effective way to help your client. It is highly important to understand as a photograph that there is a big chance that many clients of yours are going to feel embarrassed. It is one thing to decide to have intimate and seductive pictures of yourself in the head and the other thing is to truly pose for those pictures. Women will especially start to feel insecure about their body shape, their curves, and lines.

That is why you should have a completely open interaction with your clients so they can build trust in you. Also, it is important to talk to your clients while they are posing because this will help them a lot with how to stand, whether they are going things right or not. Silence is always uncomfortable in boudoir photography. Your goal is to cheer up your models and let them express themselves in the best way possible and show their true colors.

Talking With A Client About Boudoir Photography Ideas

Before you start with the boudoir session, you should talk with your client’s face to face and see what are their expectations. This will help you build trust and interaction. You should mention different styles of boudoir photography and let them decide which one they are feeling comfortable posing.

Some of them will be comfortable only posing in the wardrobe, while someone can be ready to pose in lingerie. However, you should be completely prepared to ensure that your clients are satisfied with the process of boudoir photo shooting. Now, let’s see some of the most popular poses.

What are the Best Boudoir Poses?

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We prepared a list of boudoir poses that are completely customizable and that will help you make your models feel and look fabulous while posing.

Posing From Behind for Beautiful Shapes

One of the greatest ways to highlight and emphasize female body beauty is by shooting the women from behind. There are different ways how you can photograph your client, she can either stand or sit. For instance, if she is more comfortable sitting, you can advise her to sit in the middle of the bed while putting her arms slightly out to the sides.

This pose is great since it provides a natural look. You do not want to make some photographs where models are looking like they are under the pressure. Be focused on how the woman can express her feminine side. Also, always pay attention to symmetry while photo shooting from the back.

Lying On Back for Classic Pose

One of the most sensual boudoirs poses is definitely this one! The best thing about this pose is that every woman looks great in it because it is suitable for all types of models and body types. These poses are extremely flattering to everyone’s body. You can let your client decide whether she wants to wear lingerie or something less revealing if she is not so comfortable with lingerie.

There are even models that are feeling comfortable posing naked. While shooting, you can stand to close the model’s head and shoot down the body. However, make sure that the model’s chin is raised toward the camera.

Chest Portrait for Power Pose

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If your client wants a faceless boudoir shoot, this pose is an excellent choice. These types of photos are coming with a veil of mystery while seeming highly seductive. Your client can wear either an off-shoulder dress for the shooting or lingerie. Some stylish jewelry can also be a great option for these types of pictures.

Bent Legs or Legs in the Air for Gentle Curves

These poses can look highly daring and sexual. You can suggest to your client these two poses since every woman looks great in them. The client can bend her knees while putting her arms up behind her head. At the same time, her breasts and stomach will look more explicit. When it comes to photo shooting the women’s legs in the air, you can have different options.

It is a very sexual photoshoot of women in this pose, and it even seems more playful than the previously mentioned one. This is because all female legs are looking amazing while they are stretched in this way. They are looking long and attractive. Additionally, you should know that all women desire to see something like this in their boudoir shots.