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8 Best Wine Subscriptions To Try In 2024

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If you prefer spending the evening with a good glass of wine, there are some modern solutions that will help you explore this world of wines and always enjoy your favorite brand and sort. It can be an interesting journey since there are so many different types to try.

Online delivery services became very popular in recent years. There are those specialized in delivering premium wine. The key is to choose the right wine subscription service. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best options available.

1. Wine Insiders

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The Wine Insiders is a great option if you want to explore wines from different countries. We also have to mention the main advantage, which is that you will get an additional three bottles as part of the first delivery. The price may seem a bit higher, but this is actually one of the most affordable plans when you compare the amount of bottles in the package.

The average price of the win is only $6. Also, you should know that this is not a monthly plan. Instead of that, you will get a new package after every 12 weeks, and the package will have 12 bottles of your selected wines. The price of this service is only around $90 while shipping is free.

2. Stompy

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This model is perfect for beginners and those who are not experienced with different types of wines so much. Therefore, it is a great way to learn more, and you will with the help of experts. The platform is offering you a unique survey where you can provide more details about your taste, and the software will determine the best sorts to be included in your package.

Also, you can expect to get only premium brands, and all of that for under $100 per month if you are interested in getting a 4-bottle shipment. There is also an upgraded version where you can get 6 bottles for around $145.

3. Gold Medal Wine Club

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The fact is that many people are interested in this model because it represents a great way to gift someone. It is unique, and will surely make you stand out of the crowd if you choose it as a present. Also, the important detail is that only premium quality and award-winning bottles are included in the subscription.

Moreover, there are different plans available, which is great since you can easily adapt it to your budget. The most affordable is the standard Wine Club package, where they will send 2 premium bottles of wine each month for under $50. There are advanced plans as well, and the best one is Diamond, with 12 bottles per month for around $220.

4. Plonk

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Organic products are among the biggest trends in recent years. Visiting wine cellars across the US that are known for making organic drinks became a very popular option for many people. However, if you don’t have enough time to explore these sites, you can choose Plonk, which is an online service dedicated to providing organic wine to your address.

The price is slightly higher, which is expected considering the quality of the products. The basic plan includes 4 bottles per month for $110. There are improved subscriptions available as well, going up to 12 bottles per month for $285.

5. Cellars

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A lot of people are interested in this type of subscription to have a chance to try various types and sorts of wines without having to travel all across the state and to different countries. There is a great selection of sparkling, sweet, imported, natural, and many other wines.

Also, you can set the delivery model up to your needs. For example, the regular one is monthly, but you can set the delivery for every two or four months as well. The standard price of 2 bottles per month is $49.

6. Wine Access

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In case you are interested in exploring award-winning premium brands from all over the world, this service is linked to the most popular sources. They are keeping track of the most recent trends and competitions made by world-class sommeliers and even Michelin-star restaurants to include the best bottles in their packages.

Therefore, the higher price tag is not a surprise. The basic option starts at $120, while you can upgrade it up to 6 bottles for $400 per shipment. You can expect the delivery every 4 to 12 weeks.

7. Raj Parr

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If you consider yourself an expert, and you are collecting premium wines in your cellar or wine fridge, this might be the most interesting solution. This service is exploring the world of wines and delivers new and unique bottles.

It is the best option if you want to be among the first who have a chance to try something new and rare. Also, it will help you create an impressive collection. The delivery is twice per year with the price of $500 for 12 bottles.

8. Harry and David

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It is a well-known fact that wine and cheese represent a perfect combination. However, it can be challenging to find the right types of cheese to combine with your favorite glass. In that matter, this is a great way to enjoy and have a great experience since this service is choosing selected premium sorts and types.

Also, it can be a great idea for a romantic dinner or a business meeting where you want to impress a potential client. For the price of $115 per month, you will get a par of exclusive cheese and a premium bottle of wine.

Final Thoughts

We have selected some popular services for different levels of experience and budgets. There are many other options available as well. The best part is that there are not any special rules. You can simply cancel the subscription and choose something else, which is perfect for those interested in exploring the world of wines. Also, there are many affordable plans that are perfect for beginners, along with premium options perfect if you want to impress someone.