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What Fabric is Best for Bra? Choose Most Comfortable Fabric Bra 2024

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Whenever you go bra shopping, do not be distracted by stylish designs for which you have to compromise on comfort. Since bra is worn extremely close to your skin and underneath a hundred clothes, a comfortable bra can be a blessing in disguise. Therefore, when you want to buy a bra, let not new styles, designs, frills, and lace take you for a ride. All these factors go on the backburner if comfort is missing.

Always choose a right fitting bra that will provide support and comfort the entire without squeezing your skin to the verge of rashness.  This is why the fabric of the bra becomes an important factor that determines the ease and comfort of your lingerie.

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Factors you must look for while choosing a bra fabric?

If you are buying a new bra anytime soon and comfort is your primary consideration then the fabric of the bra plays a very important role. So, when you go for choosing the fabric, you must prepare a checklist for the following factors.

Let us see these factors in detail.


This is the first and foremost thing that women get attracted to in a bra. But a good-looking bra may not always be the type that gets along with your comfort. Remember that the type of fabric you choose can transform the appearance of the bra.

The best-looking bra may not be the most comfortable fabric. Whenever you are buying a bra, check its fabric, and determine the final look to suit your style needs.


Next comes feel. This is another major consideration that you must take into account before choosing the fabric. Since bra hugs your skin completely, itchy and irritating fabrics will cause you a lot of trouble and rashes by rubbing against your skin.

You can check the feel of fabric by putting it against a sensitive area of the skin, such as your neck or cheek. Rub it across your skin to test whether it causes abrasion and itchiness.


Once you have chosen the pattern of your bra, next thing you must check is its stretch. If you expect your bust size to grow at any point, then a stretchable bra is the best option. But what measure of a stretch do you require? If you have bought a stretchable pattern, it is usually accompanied by a stretch guide or gives details about the percentage of stretch required.

It will also give information about the type of stretches such as one-way stretch, which runs crosswise from selvage to selvage, or two-way stretch, which runs both lengthwise and crosswise.

The term “two-way stretch” is often used mistakenly by some people to refer to fabrics that only stretch crosswise and they will call the actual two-way stretch fabric that stretch in both directions as a four-way stretch.


The next important factor is the weight of the fabric. Since you will be wearing a bra underneath your clothes and close to your skin, you would want something light that does not make you regret having boobs.

Therefore, you must consider the thickness and weight of the fabric to see if it adds any weight or heaviness in wearing a bra to your body.

Best Fabrics for a Bra

Best Fabrics for a bra

The following fabrics are best for both the body of your lingerie and other decorative touches.


Silk charmeuse is the most popular lingerie fabric since the 20th century for its satin weave and lustre. It is one of the luxurious fabrics that you can wear close to your skin. The satin fabric lends its shine and liquid appearance.

Today, many bras are being made with a blend of silk and spandex which is now known as stretch silk charmeuse.


Bamboo has recently become very popular for a number of beneficial properties. Its fabric becomes a suitable option in making bras because of its softness, antibacterial properties, and high absorbency.

The bamboo fabric also has amazing stretching. Though it is one of the best options, the processing and transporting constraints cast doubt on the use of this sustainable alternative.

Single jersey:

Jersey is one of the best options for creating supportive lingerie. Jersey is available in a number of fiber types such as rayon, bamboo, cotton, polyester, etc. Jerseys are knitted fabrics that provide warmth and coziness to your body. For its amazing stretch capabilities, it is actively used in creating loungewear or sleepwear.

Jersey fabrics are often blended with spandex to create stretch and recovery type of lingerie such as panties. Though it is a very light fabric, it cannot be used singlehandedly to make supportive garments such as bras.

However, the jersey is often combined with other lining fabrics to create stronger and more supportive bras.

Lucent Satin:

This double-faced satin is a great option if you are all for light, soft, and shiny fabrics. Increasingly used for making flirty lingerie with sensuous look and feel. Its shimmery surface catches attention and makes those intimate moments even more special. It weighs 120gms and seamlessly slips over your body making you feel elegant.

Cotton Satin:

This one of the best options to look for while selecting bra fabric. It is extremely soft and unctuous for it is 100% naturally made fabric. Its face is very smooth and feels very soft against your skin.

For its smooth handle and elegant drapes, it is considered to be an ideal option for making a cute nightwear set. Natural cotton fabric is the best option for beating the heat in scorching summer due to its breathable properties and cool touch.


Organza is a perfect blend of lightweight and sturdy fabric.  It is soft and shiny silk material that can be used to make stiff and supportive garments. Due to its properties, it stays away from the skin making a voluminous space.

Therefore, it is not very ideal to use this if you want to wear a comfortable bra. But if you do not want a bulky and stretchy option, then organza offers perfect interfacing fit.

Handkerchief linen:

Linen is the most-sought after lingerie fabric to create luxurious, breathable and soft lingerie. It is the best option to wear in summer as it makes room for your skin to breathe underneath the clothes. Its breathability and softness, do not wither with wear and washing.

Handkerchief linen is a great lingerie option for its lightweight and good draping abilities. When coupled with lace, embroidery, and sleek details linen can get you some pretty bra options.

Does your bra fabric play a role in its comfort factor?

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We know that lingerie including bras is made by using different fabrics, such as satin, cotton, linen, Lycra, lace, and leather.  Each such material or fabric offers different properties and qualities, and benefits. When you are buying the bra material, comfort should be the paramount consideration.

According to experts, cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics used in a bra. It has a wide array of beneficial properties such as it is breathable as well as very soft fabric. Despite this, cotton, when used in some bra styles, will fail to give support and shape to your breasts but it is extremely comfortable and lasts much longer than other fancy fabrics.

Bras made of Polyester and nylon materials are very comfortable and supportive.  These are widely used to make shimmery satin, sexy lace, or light microfiber. These materials go very smooth on the skin.

Satin fabric may need extra care during washing otherwise it will lose its shape.  Spandex is also used to make bras for its great stretching abilities. Majority of us just love the lace material for its sexy look, but it may sometimes irritate your skin.

Wrap Up

The style and look of the bra are not the be-all and end-all about the bra. Therefore, whenever you go for bra shopping, do your homework and research about the properties of different lingerie fabrics. Each fabric will not give ease of use and comfort, so go for something that is light, soft, and breathable.